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Top Chef New York Reunion Show Leaves Us Laughing

March 04, 2009 08:45 PM by DA Southern


Top Chef New York could not finish officially without the tell-all show where the chefs all get together to dish the gossip to Bravo’s Andy Cohen on the behind the scenes stuff that we never get to see. Of course, Hosea will be in the spotlight as the winner of season 5 and we will undoubtedly hear about his and Leah’s tryst in the final weeks of the show. Plus we will see who America chose as their favorite chef and the winner of the $10,000 prize just for being lovable, which always means someone who made it pretty far on the show.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen kicked things off by welcoming the chefs back as well as the judges. The chefs immediately started in on who they thought would win the fan favorite and Hosea was congratulated on his big win. Cohen gave a retrospect on Hosea’s journey and his head-to-head battle with Stefan and how he came out on top.


Tom said the finale was close because the food was overall very good and that Hosea just had a great day in the finale and Stefan and Carla did not. The Team Euro was showcased and the kissing that the two shared was very funny as Fabio kissed Stefan on his bald head incessantly.

Carla was next to be profiled along with her wacky ways she prepared for the challenges from the yoga to the singing. What was really funny, however, was how Carla snuck up on a lot of her competition and out-cooked them all to get to the finale.


Tom was congratulated on saving someone’s life at a recent part where he performed the Heimlich on a lady and the judges table comments were highlighted with some of the more colorful comments, especially from new judge, Toby Young. Tom was honest with the chefs on the criticism telling the chefs that every one does get criticized as a chef but critics and customers, so they should get used to it.

The Leah/Hosea show-mance was profiled as we were shown the flirting and the big kiss that started it all, or maybe ended it all as far as their outside relationships went. Hosea explained that the alcohol certainly had a lot to do with it and Stefan, always ready with a quip, said, that everyone had done it. Andy asked them how it all came down and proceeded to inquire as to the effects of the kiss after they each went home. Both Leah and Hosea did break up with their significant others, as a result of the kiss and Hosea said that they were still very good friends.


A funny segment showed the room where the chefs waited for the decisions from the judges and unlike you see on TV, they wait a long time for the decisions. One segment had Jamie and Leah getting a bit too much alcohol and were feeling pretty good as they went out to get the decisions from the judges.

Stefan’s other side was profiled and the ladies man side of Stefan was on full display as he looked over ever one of the girls in the competition, including judges Gail and Padma, and made comments as to their varying degrees of hotness, according to Stefan. Besides being very confident in his overall ability to cook, he loves the ladies very much.


Jamie was asked a question about her constant whining for not ever winning in a challenge but always being in the top in many of the challenges. A lot of the chefs even agreed that she complained and Andy then went into a question about the bald factor this season. The bald factor element was even take to the extreme when Andy showed the bald chefs mocked-up with hair saying that there could only be one bald top chef and that was Tom, even though Hosea was a baldy as well.

Finally the fan favorite was announced and, to no ones surprise, Fabio the charmer got himself a check for $10,000 and they showed how Fabio could say the most vulgar of things in his Italian accent and make it sound good.

When it was all said and done, this season had the most delightful bunch of chefs of any of the seasons and even the reunion show had no drama that usually was evident in season’s past. At the core of all of it, you could tell that these chefs genuinely liked each other and, more importantly, we liked them.

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