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Survivor: Tocantins — Age Vs. Beauty

March 05, 2009 08:13 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s starting to get interesting on Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. A cross-tribal alliance is been born as a battle of age and beauty unfolds. Tonight’s episode also delivered a tribal raid, and once again, Coach feels that he is the standout competitor on the Timbira tribe who should be given the reigns as leader.

Night 9, Timbira returned to camp with Coach still upset he wasn’t picked by his group as the leader during the last Tribal Council. The next morning, most of the Timbira tribe wanted a leader — and Coach even agreed to go along with Brendan even though he still felt he would be better. “If Brendan got voted off and I was the leader, this tribe would be better,” Coach said. But after all that talk, still nobody was selected to take charge.

A Four-Person, Cross-Tribal Alliance

On Day 10 at Jalapao, Taj wanted to get Stephen alone so she could tell him about a plan to make a unique four-way alliance. While spending several days at Exile Island with Brendan, she had started to form a bond, which spawned an alliance. With Brendan in an alliance with Sierra at Timbira, she needed Stephen on her side so the four of them could join together even though they were all living at separate tribes. They wanted to have their alliance set up for the merge with nobody anticipating anything.

How Much Weight Can You Take?

In the Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that three members of each tribe had to hold a pole on their shoulders. Then, as in earlier seasons (Australian Outback and Pearl Islands), members from the other tribe would place bags of weight onto the pole. The tribe with the person who lasted the longest would win the opportunity to raid the camp of the losing tribe.

Two men and one woman were delegated to be the weight bearers for each tribe. Jalapao selected Joe, JT and Taj while Timbira chose Brendan, Tyson and Debbie. Each round consisted of one player getting 20 pounds placed on their pole and Brendan and Joe were the first two to get weight. Then they went to JT and Tyson followed by Brendan and Taj. “It is about endurance and strategy,” Probst said as weight piled onto the poles.

Brendan started shaking at 200 pounds when Probst said the record for this challenge was 220 pounds from the Pearl Islands season with Rupert. With 20 more pounds, Brendan tied the record and dropped out of the challenge.


Soon after at 220 pounds, JT dropped off. Moments later Joe suddenly dropped his pole leaving Taj as the last Jalapao member. On the Timbira side, Tyson dropped his pole at the 140-pound mark, which left Debbie the last person standing on her tribe.

It was a battle between the two women, both with 100 pounds of weight strung along their pole. Sweat ran down Taj’s forehead, but Debbie couldn’t take it any longer and threw the weighted pole off her shoulders. That gave Jalapao their fourth-straight win. They decided to send Sierra to Exile Island who in turn chose to take Taj along with her.

Time To Raid

JT and Joe arrived at Timbira’s camp and embraced everybody with hugs and handshakes. In a less-than-exciting raid, the guys went and took one sack of beans and a can for water. That left Timbira with one small bag of beans. Sandy thought they should’ve taken all of the beans. The raid should’ve been much like the one during the Marquesas season where the winning tribe was given two minutes to gather whatever they wanted from the losing tribe’s camp. That was much better television.

Over at Jalapao, Sandy was ready to eat their new food. “They are fartin’ beans, honey,” Sandy said as they started to boil them. In a confessional Sandy said her next target would be Sydney because she felt the young tribe member was flirting with the boys constantly. “They lover her to death,” Sandy said. “They’re going to put your name down (and) man you better be pulling off more than a bra, you better be pulling some panties off or something,” Sandy laughed.

Day 10 at the desolate Exile Island, Taj’s jar had the clue — and this one gave an obvious hint that the hidden Idol is back at her tribe’s treemail. With nothing else to do, Taj talked to Sierra about the alliance. “Once we have the two Idols we basically have security to the merge,” Taj told her. Sierra was thrilled with the whole plan. She high-fived Taj and was ready to go along with the deal. “Team Secret is in place,” Taj said.

Day 11 at Timbira was a day for relaxation and fun, which Debbie liked a lot. She said it was needed to keep everybody in a good mood. Tyson came out wearing a buff as a loin cloth. He danced around with a staff while most of his body was very exposed. Debbie and Coach laughed, but Erinn was a but upset in the shelter. She said in a confessional that she had just gone through a really tough break up before taking on Survivor and was having a tough time dealing with her tribemates. Tyson was ready to see her go because he thought it would be funny to watch her freak out at Tribal Council.

The Race Is On

The two tribes gathered for the next Immunity Challenge as Taj and Sierra returned from Exile. Probst explained that one member at a time had to race along a path and collect a puzzle piece. Once all eight pieces were back to the start, they needed to assemble the puzzle to say a phrase.


Coach and Joe got off to a quick start as they raced along the dirt path. They rushed their heavy puzzle pieces back as Joe pulled ahead for Jalapao. Jalapao held a small lead until Sydney was sent out and struggled to untie the puzzle piece. It was essentially a dead heat up until the end. Everybody started to put the rotating puzzle together as they struggled to get the correct phrase. Timbira finally pulled it together and took their first win in a long time. “Escape the vote Timbira wins Immunity,” the puzzle read.


Age Vs. Beauty

Back at Jalapao, after sparking a fire Joe told Sydney he was glad to be voting somebody off — somebody in particular. “Her name rhymes with Andy,” he said. As Taj, JT, Stephen and Sandy hung out in the river, they discussed targeting Sydney because none of them felt eye candy was as needed as much as strength. JT was in a dilemma because he wasn’t sure who he wanted to send home. Stephen then said in a confessional that getting rid of Sydney would make a lot of sense because they needed somebody loyal when the merge comes along.


At Jalapao’s second Tribal Council, Sandy asked about her recovery from the first-impression vote on Day 1. She said that she brings them a lot of laughs, but has noticed some of her tribemates — especially Sydney — use their good looks to manipulate some of the others. Sydney admitted she was wearing JT’s boxers — but because she’s dealing with the heat. Stephen then commented that JT and Sydney flirt the most. “I defintely flirt with Joe…it’s inevitable for me, I think,” Sydney admitted.

Sandy said that the outcome of the vote would likely upset a few. “Tomorrow will tell the story,” she said just moments before each of them walked up and cast their ballot. Probst tallied the six votes and revealed that Sandy was the fourth person voted off of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. But the votes weren’t a landslide — Sydney and Joe each received one.

With Sandy voted off that leaves each tribe even with six members.


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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