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Amazing Race 14: Siberia Leaves One Team Out In The Cold

March 08, 2009 07:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS’s Amazing Race, the remaining teams will have to bundle up because they are headed for Siberia! When things get rough, some teams start to play nasty and it ends up costing one team the race. Find out if Mel and Mike are able to maintain their lead or if someone else can pull ahead…

Mel and Mike are the first to depart for Siberia on this leg of the amazing race, where they will need to find the hydroelectric dam. Amanda and Kris are the second pair to leave and the rest of the teams follow shortly behind. While on the way to the airport, Mark and Mike’s cab driver is supposed to call the airport but somehow gets a hold of Cara and Jamie’s cab driver. Jamie pretends to work at the airport and gives them false information, but then she hangs up.

The first teams to arrive in Siberia are Mark and Mike, Kesha and Jen, Christie and Jodie, and Mel and Mike. When they get to the dam they realize it doesn’t open til 8:30 am so they all must camp overnight. Now they must go and find a church for their next clue.


DETOUR: Stack or Construct. In stack, teams must travel to the riverbank and traditionally stack a large pile of firewood. In construct, teams must travel to a work shed and build a set of shutters, then take them to a house with a “repairs” sign and install them.

Finally, the second group of teams arrive in Siberia and they scramble to the dam. Mark and Mike are having problems with the woodpile, and they accidentally knock down the huge pile that was supporting theirs. They realize that will take too long to re-stack so they opt for the other detour. Kesha and Jen are the first to complete the detour, which gives them the opportunity to put another team on a UTURN without revealing who did it. They don’t use it. Now they must make their way to a local park for their next clue. Kesha and Jen are the first to encounter the road block.

ROAD BLOCK: One team member must ride a bobsled down the hill in less than 4 minutes while keeping track of certain letters along the way, which they will later use to unscramble the name of a famous Russian playwright.


Almost all of the teams opt to stack the woodpile as opposed to constructing the shutters. Mel and Mike, Jamie and car, and Amanda and Kris all have their woodpiles fall over! They all decide to go back and do the other detour. Maggie and Luke and Tammy and Victor actually complete the woodpiles and move on to the road block. When Maggie and Luke encounter the UTURN they decide to use it on Amanda and Kris. Christie and Jodi are the first team to reach the pitstop at the theater of comedy, followed closely by Kesha and Jennifer.

Tammy and Victor end up beating Maggie and Luke on the bobsled, which put them in third place. Luke is having a hard time putting the Russian author name together because he isn’t sure what they are asking of him. Maggie feels bad wants to help her son but she isn’t able.Meanwhile Cara and Jamie are still stuck at the wood pile, but finally get their clue to go to the bobsled. Mel and Mike, Amanda and Kris, and Mike and Mark are all lost and can’t find the repair shop.

Finally, Luke unscrambles the correct word “Chekhov” and they are the fourth team to make it to the pitstop. Jamie and Cara make up for lost time and managed to be the fifth team across the finish line. Amanda and Kris encounter a UTURN and are now trailing the other teams on the way to the bobsled. Mel and Mike end up being team number six. On the way to the pitstop Mark and Mike run out of money to pay their taxi and offer him their watch, however, the driver already has a Rolex. He ends up forgiving their debt and they are the seventh team to reach the pitstop. Amanda and Kris are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated from the amazing race.


The Amazing Race 14 airs Sundays at 8 PM ETon CBS.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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