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Dancing With The Stars: Opportunity Of A Lifetime For Shawn Johnson

March 08, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


One more day to go before the premiere of season 8 of Dancing With The Stars and Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson is excited to be hitting the dance floor. The petite young lady says that although the whole process has not been as easy for her as she thought it would be, it is an opportunity of a lifetime.

In an interview with Hollywood Outbreak she said, “It an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s one of those things where it probably won’t come around again and when they ask you, you have to say yes. It makes you try new things and grow as a person.”

Shawn Johnson will be dancing the Waltz tomorrow night and has already begun practicing her second and third dances for the hit ABC show, the Quick Step and the Salsa.

Shawn Johnson said that she will not be able to rely on her gymnastic training as much as she wanted to for Dancing With The Stars saying, “Nothing unfortunately helps at all. I was really hoping that would help, but it doesn’t. Basically starting from zero and learning everything new. It’s so hard and I still has those gymnastics habits you know…the arched back and you know, stiff arm placements, bare foot and not with heels of course. So things are different, but my partner is really helping me in learning the new techniques and habits and pushing through and becoming the best dancer I can be.”

The move from the Olympics to Dancing With The Stars is a big change for Shawn Johnson and when Hollywood Outbreak asked her how the feeling of being onDancing With The Starscompares to that she said, “I am sure this will be amazing just like it, but its one of those things (the Olympics)that I worked my whole life for.” She added, “That moment…that one second, where they just announced your name and you got goosebumps and walked out on the floor to show the world what you have been working for…and adrenaline like no other.” She continued, “I mean Its uncontrollable, its a rush of emotion and it’s something that can’t ever be replaced…it is the best feeling ever.”

Dancing With The Stars kicks off tomorrow night at 8 PM ET on ABCwith an all-new celebrity cast and some new dance professionals as well!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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