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America’s Next Top Model 12: The Girls Get Makeovers

March 11, 2009 06:28 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

It’s time for a little chop, snip, and weave on tonight’s America’s Next Top Model. Oh yes, it is makeover night and as you can imagine there will be tears and shrieks of horror heard around the world. Keep reading to find out what happened and which model will be sent home with a brand new look…

The models see Allison’s picture on display in the America’s Next Top Model house. Aminat confronts Sandra and tells her that most of the girls wished it would have been Sandra going home. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, because she’s terribly rude, that’s right.

TYRA MAIL: Whether it’s on the streets or the sidewalk you’ll be turning heads.

The next morning the girls hop into their pimped out pink limo and arrive to meet the Jays for their makeovers! The Jays have files with their new looks in them, but the girls aren’t allowed to see it until they are done with their makeover. Sandra gets her mohawk cut off and gets a super short, bleached out do. Allison gets long, blonde extensions to try to counteract her crazy, big [and sorta creepy] eyes. Fo is too cute and so she gets all of herhair cut off into a boy-cut. Celia gets her long, stringy hair cut off shoulder length and she starts crying. Aminat’s afro is gone and she gets long, wavy extensions like Naomi Campbell.

America's Next Top Model

Kortniegets a sassy red color, and when Natalie is just about to get the snip she says she can’t handle it. She starts to freak out and the stylist walks away. Then Jay tells her that actually she isn’t getting anything cut – she’s fine the way she is. Tiana gets some long, wavy hair that is slicked back. Tahlia gets a shoulder length blonde weave and loves it. Fo starts to cry when she sees everyone else getting longer hair and she is stuck with the man cut.

TYRA MAIL: Not seeing eye to eye? Tomorrow is time to make up.

The girls will be breaking into teams of three and going out on the streets to find someone who defines a “Cover Girl.” They must introduce her to Eyelights that compliment her eye shade and ask her to come back with them so they can show them the makeup. The winner receives a photo shoot for Walmart.com. The winning team was Celia, Sandra, and Aminat. That night, the girls go out for dinner at an African Restaurant. Aminat orders a drink and Sandra says, “Don’t get drunk.” Immediately, Aminat gets defensive and annoyed with Sandra. All of the girls seem to be frustrated with her comments.

America's Next Top Model

The following morning the girls arrive for their rock ‘n roll photo shoot in an alley. Jay greets the girls in the dark and tells them this photo shoot will be all about the light. The girls will also be directing the lighting and Nygel Barker is the photographer.They will be taking pictures in groups of four and they have to hold up their own lights while posing. Nygel is very disappointed and hasn’t been inspired by any of the girls. Fo has a hard time getting over her short hair and starts to cry again.

THE JUDGING: First up is Fo, and Tyra Bankstells her she looks stunning in her new haircut. Tyra says her picture is great, but the fact that she cried during the photo shoot makes her question whether she is ready to be a model. Kortnie had a terrible picture. Nijah looked like a corpse according to Paulina. Allison did a great job and they said she looked “alien-like.” Sandra did okay but had no tension, and Celia did a fabulous job. Jessica has too much tension in her mouth and they hated her picture. Tahlia wasn’t actually modeling in her photo, rather just standing there. Natalie did excellent and made good use of the light. Tiana took one of the best photos of them all. Aminat did awful and had no excitement in her eyes.

Tiana gets called first and has the best picture. She is followed by Celia, Allison, Natalie, London, Nijah, Tahlia, sandra, Kortnie, and Aminat. Fo and Jessica are the bottom two. Tyra tells Fo that they question whether she has what it takes to be a model, and she tells Jessica that her prettiness is not translating to the photos. Fo is called and Jessica is the second girl to leave America’s Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/7 CT on CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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