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Getting To Know American Idol Finalist Anoop Desai

March 12, 2009 08:00 AM by Christine McDow


By Joel Amos, Originally posted on SheKnows: American Idol

Anoop Desai has made his presence felt on the American Idol stage. Bumped early from voting, Desai was an almost-certain Wild Card. But, as anyone knows watching American Idol, there is no such thing as a sure thing on American Idol. Desai made the American Idol top 13 and shared his emotions as someone looking in on the competition who was once gazing out.

Question: How did you feel when it looked like you were eliminated on the American Idol Wild Card show?

Anoop Desai: I mean, it was the pits, man. It was, you know, I’ve been telling people it was the difference between having all your dreams dashed and then, ten seconds later, they’re alive again, so it was definitely, I mean, it was a shock. It was a genuine shock for me, and I’m just glad that I’m still here.

Question: What did Ryan Seacrest tell you afterward?

Anoop Desai: They all, you know, the producers and Simon Cowell and all the judges sort of apologized and said, you know, sorry we did this to you.

Question: Kanye West is performing on American Idol on Wednesday, how psyched are you as a huge fan?

Anoop Desai: I found out from Ryan this morning when I was on his show, so I feel great. Hopefully I’ll get to meet him, and we can talk about some collaborations in the future. I’m definitely going to pick his brain. We’ll see if he has anything to lend me to. Maybe it’ll have to dig a bit deeper for that.

Question: What are you majoring in, in grad school, and what was your degree for your Bachelor’s?

Anoop Desai: My undergraduate degrees were in political science and American studies, and my graduate curriculum or, sorry, my graduate program was in folklore, which is pretty much, I guess, the nearest thing that people know would be cultural anthropology.

Question: Speaking of cultural anthropology, were your parents born in this country, or were they born in India?

Anoop Desai: No, my dad was born in India. My mom was born in South Africa. There’s a very large Indian population in South Africa, actually, so that’s where her entire family lives.

Question: How it’s been interacting with the judges? Is there anything that you feel that they’ve done that’s helped you, anything that you maybe thought they’ll a little off base?

Anoop Desai: You know, I think that they’re four very experienced voices in the industry, and so I’m grateful for that. And, you know, we don’t really have that much contact with them outside of the show, but I do feel like they say everything for a reason, especially Simon. I think that he says things to elicit a reaction, so if something wasn’t good enough, he’s going to tell you because he wants you to do better. You know, he’s not a mean person at all. So, yes, I think everything has – everything they say has its purpose.

Question: What’s behind your decision to sing the Bobby Brown song again and, you know, rather than show a different side. Obviously it worked out, but just talk about maybe the chance to give people something new and not taking it.

Anoop Desai: Yes, well, that song in particular has, I think, become, you know, sort of like an anthem for me throughout, you know, since Hollywood Week. And I thought it was especially appropriate for the wild card round just, you know, to go out there and say, listen; this is who I am. I’m going to do what I do, and I’m going to have fun. It’s my prerogative. So that’s the reason I chose it. And, you know, I knew that I had done it in the past, obviously, but like the judges said, I think I did a better job of it this time. I was really happy to be able to do that song with an audience too because it’s such an audience reaction song, so the small audience on the stage that night was key and, you know, that performance, the wild card performance is all about showing the judges your – I mean, it’s a last ditch effort, pretty much, and so I was, you know, obviously I wanted to show them the side that they liked before.

Question: What else can we look forward to seeing from you? What, you know, outside of hat type of song?

Anoop Desai: You know, I don’t like to…I don’t want to typecast myself into, you know, I’m always going to sing a fast song. I’m always going to sing, you know, a song I can jump around. I’m, you know, I want to think of myself as a singer and an artist. That happens to be one genre that I particularly enjoy. But, you know, I’m not going to limit myself to those types of songs. You know, I like to sing ballots, as evidenced by Angel of Mine, but, you know, it’s really going to depend on the theme and what I’m feeling from that theme or that artist.

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