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Getting To Know American Idol Finalist Jasmine Murray

March 12, 2009 07:30 AM by Christine McDow


By Joel Amos, Originally posted on SheKnows: American Idol

American Idol top 13 finalist Jasmine Murray talks tough. Well, maybe not, she actually is quite quiet and understated for someone possessing a voice that booms. Merely hours after she discovered that she was plunked from going to home to American Idol finalist, Jasmine Murray was understandably beside herself.

Question: On the American IdolWild Card show, you took quite a risk and it paid off. Were you nervous?

Jasmine Murray: If America likes it, then I hope they vote for whatever performance they like, but I hope they vote for all of them if I get very far. Well, I just like to explore different types of music, you know, but Christina Aguilera is like one of my favorite artists, and Reflection, I just thought it was a beautiful song, and I think it was like really age appropriate for me since I’m 17. And it was like from a Disney movie, so I just really thought that it’d be a good choice to do, and so I just tried to do the best that I could last night. So I’m glad that it paid off, I guess.

Question: How did you get your start performing in public?

Jasmine Murray: I was like Mississippi’s Outstanding Teen, and I was really involved in pageants and stuff for a little while, so that kind of got me used to being on stage and stuff like that. And I actually got to sing for the Miss America Pageant two years ago, so it was amazing, and that was like one of the greatest experiences of my life…but being on the Idol stage, I think it’s like a little bit different, you know, because you actually have people judging you and stuff, but, I mean, it’s still amazing, you know, being on stage, and I really, really like it a lot.

Question: I’m sure you’re ready for that Kodak Theatre American Idol stage?

Jasmine Murray: I’m definitely looking forward to it. I cannot wait. I hope that I get to be there at the end, so I’m just praying. I’m believing, you know, that I can do it, and I’m just going to keep on practicing and doing my best.

Question: How you’re managing to balance your schoolwork and American Idol? How many hours a day do you have to study? Isn’t therea minimum you have to do?

Jasmine Murray: Well, I basically do like my schoolwork that is from my school, but we, like my teachers will send homework and assignments to me, and I do about probably three hours a day, sometimes maybe longer. But, you know, it’s different because here it’s a little shorter because, at my school, I go from 7:45 to 5:15 p.m. every day going to class, because I go to the Mississippi School of the Arts, so it’s kind of like college, and I love it, but it’s a little different here. And I really like school here too as well because it’s shorter and, you know, it’s cool. I’ve got a great teacher and, you know, it’s really cool though.

Question: Do you think that having to study puts you at a possible disadvantage on American Idol?

Jasmine Murray: No, no, because, I mean, everybody here went to high school too, and I really like school a lot, and I think education is so important, so I definitely want to continue that, you know, because education is something, you know, nobody can take away from you, and you learn and get smarter, and it’s so important for you to have in your life. So, no, it’s not a disadvantage at all. If anything, it’s an advantage , get the opportunity to go to school in other countries, so I’m blessed to even be able to go to school.

Question: Now that you’re through to the finals, what kind of genre are you going to focus on, or maybe what kind of music you put out after the show?

Jasmine Murray: Well, during the show, they do like so many different themes, different genres, so I’m really looking forward to all of that because I really like so many different types of music. And since I’m so young, you know, I don’t want to limit myself right now, like I really want to explore different things, you know, see what I like and try out different things and see how it sounds with my voice, and so I’m really looking forward to the different themes, but I hope I stick around and get to do that and show America the different styles that I can do.

Question: Do you have any kind of strategy forming for the coming weeks, especially, you know, what kind of songs you think you’ll choose?

Jasmine Murray: Well, I’ll just, and going…I think this goes with anybody. You just have to take the best song that suits your voice that’ll show who you are, that will show, like, your strong points and stuff like that because I think that’s really important that you focus. I mean, even though, you know, we’re all doing songs by different artists that we try to make sure the song fits us, you know, because that’s a problem sometimes, so yes.

Question: Out of the American Idol contestants, who were you surprised didn’t make it to be one of the wild cards?

Jasmine Murray: I honestly can’t say because, you know, all of the top 36 were amazing, and I don’t even know how they made that decision, you know. I mean, well, part of it was up to America too, but I don’t even know how the judges, you know, did that. It’s so hard because this group of people, they were all so talented, all of them, so I certainly know I probably couldn’t be up there judging because I would just want them all to be the top 12, but you know that wouldn’t be right because it would be 36, but you know I don’t know. I’m just happy for the people that made it, and I know, though, the people that didn’t make it, I know that they have big futures ahead of them. And, like I said, they’re so talented, and I know they’re all going to keep singing and keep doing what they’re doing. And, I mean, hey, even if I weren’t here, I would be doing the same thing; just keep singing, because if you really love doing this, you’re not going to stop.

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