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Getting To Know American Idol Finalist Jorge Nunez

March 12, 2009 07:00 AM by Christine McDow


By Joel Amos, Originally posted on SheKnows: American Idol

Jorge Nunez is in the top 12 of American Idol and since his Puerto Rican accent came under fire from judge Simon Cowell, Nunez has been a champion of Spanish speakers across America to be the next American Idol. After making the top 12, Nunez took some time to introduce himself to American Idol voters and SheKnows was on the line set to give our readers the answers.

Question: What is your background in singing prior to American Idol?

Jorge Nunez: Well before American Idol I usually did choirs and small groups, but nothing big. I mean this is like the biggest thing that I’ve ever done and like the only big thing that I’ve ever done with music because I’ve never gotten the opportunity to be you know a record label or anything like that. So this is like the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

Question: Why did you try out for American Idol?

Jorge Nunez: I tried out for American Idol because I mean I’ve always wanted to try out. And since they came to Puerto Rico this time I was like why not. And also my great-grandfather he passed away a year ago now and he wanted me to audition. So like six months after he passed away, they announced that they were going to Puerto Rico. So I figured I should go.

Question: What musical styles can audiences expect from you in the American Idol top 12?

Jorge Nunez: Well, I’d just like to make beautiful music. I like to let people relate to what I sing, so basically it’s going to be beautiful songs that can actually get to people’s hearts. I mean I’m more of a pop artist right now, so I already have a softer side. That’s what I’m looking for.

Question: Your accent, Simon spoke about it, were you offended?

Jorge Nunez: No, actually when they told me to change my accent – what they wanted me to change was my accent when singing. And I do understand because I mean because I mean it’s distracting. But if anything, it just helped me a little more relieved because that’s me. That’s something that even if I try I mean I’m already 21 years old. That’s not something that I’m going to be able to change. So it’s great.

Question: So you have no problem working with a dialect coach as they suggested?

Jorge Nunez: Well I decided to take the judges advice about my accent when singing because you know it’s kind of distracting. And when I auditioned in Puerto Rico it was definitely stronger. But what I wanted to do was you know like follow their advice to let them know that I listen to what they say and I take any advice I get. You know you never can get enough advice, so it was – I just did it to please them, but now I feel kind of relieved because you know I can actually feel more comfortable on the stage now that Simon himself said that he wants me to keep my accent. So that’s cool.

Question: Will you be performing any songs in Spanish?

Jorge Nunez: Yes, so it would be nice if I could get to do a song where I could integrate a few verses in Spanish. That would be nice. Actually I was hoping to get to a part of the show because I mean there’s a lot of songs that are really known here in the United States that have been translated to Spanish. For example, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” has a version in Spanish and “Killing Me Softly” also has a version in Spanish. So I mean songs like that that are really popular I would like to integrate a few verses in Spanish so I could show how my voice sounds in Spanish more because I mean I think that my voice sounds best when I’m singing Spanish. Yes, sure. We Puerto Ricans we have a lot of words that we took from English and turned it into Spanish. For example, you know the character from Disney, Goofy, well if something is cool in Puerto Rico we say that it’s Goofseal. So it’s fun because I mean our Spanish is very different.

Question: Tell us a little about your homeland, Puerto Rico.

Jorge Nunez: People from Puerto Rico – we’re just I would say innocent people because I know we are too hospitable. I mean we’re very warm and it doesn’t matter whoever the person is, we’re like so happy to have them with us. Here it’s such a big city, which I’m not used to and I mean the atmosphere is different. It’s interesting you know. People are not as warm as you would think, but still they’re cool.

Question: How have your performances evolved since American Idol Hollywood week?

Jorge Nunez: That’s a good question. The first performance to me was my best during the whole week. I did John Secada’s Angel and to me it was the best performance. I got great comments from the judges. The group performance, however, didn’t went as great. We were a mess. We were horrible – not vocally at least, but choreography and the rest of the number was like you know a total mess. But luckily when I sang Closer for the third round I redeemed myself. The judges seemed to like it because I mean they put me through to the Top 36 and here I am now.

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