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Getting To Know American Idol Finalist Lil Rounds

March 12, 2009 06:06 AM by Christine McDow


By Joel Amos, Originally posted on SheKnows: American Idol

After the American Idol top 12, er, 13 was revealed, Lil Rounds answered some quick questions about the sensation. Read on to see what she had to say. What do you think about Lil? Do you think she will go all the way or be one of those surprises that gets sent home early?

Question: Most of your singing prior to American Idol arose from church instead of the blues joints in Memphis, correct?

Lil Rounds: Yes, that’s actually true. Most of what I do – I came right out of church. I grew up in church, so the most that I’ve ever done really has been going to different concerts or just pretty much singing at my church. You know that’s pretty much where I was.

Question: What’s Lil short for?

Lil Rounds: Lil is actually short for my grandmother’s name. That’s my name. You know it’s not really short for anything or nothing like that.

Question: What was life like for you prior to finding out you were moving on?

Lil Rounds: The whole day yesterday – you know I really was really nervous. I felt like I did really well. You know I put my best foot forward, so I didn’t have any regrets. But I liked the fact that the judges did give me some really positive feedback. But you know in the end, it’s still up to America. So, yes, I was really nervous and up to the point – you know Ryan went ahead and got me out of the way – thank God. But when he told me you know to stand up, I was still a nervous wreck. And then when he said, “Congratulations,” I was jumping for joy. So I was really nervous, though, because you don’t know exactly what America wants until he reveals the results. So it was great, though – great news!

Question: What about what American Idoljudge, Simon Cowell says?

Lil Rounds: Well as far as you know what Simon said about the song that I did, basically I don’t really look at it as being a copycat because the way I sing and the way Mary J. Blige sings – you know I think it’s different because she has her way of singing and I have mine. But in the weeks to come, I feel like I’m going to continue to entertain. And one thing that Kara said was that I’veremained Lil from the beginning and I’m going to continue you know to remain Lil, but I’m going to giveyou guys something to look forward to. You know Lil’s a performer as well, so I’ll give you something to sing every week. So I think you’re going to enjoy it, though.

Question: As a mom, how do you get to see your kids with the crazy American Idol schedule?

Lil Rounds: I want to get my babies out here, you know. I’m just waiting on the opportunity to really get them out here and let them enjoy themselves.

Question: Has American Idol changed things at home?

Lil Rounds: My husband, right after they showed my audition, he started getting noticed a lot. And he said he had different people coming to him and they’re like oh my, we saw your wife – we absolutely love her you know. And the children, they talk about how beautiful they are. And the babies are just excited. They call me American Idol Mama.

Question: What about song choice? Is that a difficult process?

Lil Rounds: When it comes to song choice, you know you might hear Simon and them say a lot you know why did you pick this song or things like that. Me, personally, I have to go with songs that I can relate to you know. I really don’t go with things that I feel you know this beat sounds cute or things like that. I have to go with the meaning of the song because you know I like to go out there and give my all.

And if I’m able to relate to it and I’m having you know – I feel like I’m singing this one by heart, then you all would feel it. And what comes from the heart, reaches the heart. So “Be Without You” – I chose that song because it really does remind me of my husband and you know I think about my children and my family.

And you know I just feel like people can relate to the fact that when you have close ones to you – loved ones – you know you’d think about how special they are to you. You don’t want to be without them. So I felt like you know that would be a really, really good song for everybody to relate to and it’s a song that I felt came from my heart to my family.

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