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Getting To Know American Idol Finalist Scott MacIntyre

March 12, 2009 06:30 AM by Christine McDow


By Joel Amos, Originally posted on SheKnows: American Idol

Scott MacIntyre has been basking in the glow of making the American Idol top 12. After he got the good news, MacIntyre spoke about the experience. For one, he is proud to be a role model for people with disabilities everywhere as he navigates American Idol’s maze with limited eyesight. Do you like Scott?

Question: Was the announcement into the American Idol top 12 surreal?

Scott MacIntyre: It was – I was having the time of my life you know. What means the most to me is just today I’m realizing more and more what happened yesterday, but to know that that many people in America support me and believe in me – it’s just a dream come true. You know and I’m not going to take it lightly. I’m going to try to come back each week and give the best performance as I possibly can.

Question: What about when Ryan and that awkward high-five?

Scott MacIntyre: Well, I didn’t intend to get back at him, but he – that’s happened to me my whole life if I can just start out by commenting on this. Because everyone may be wondering about this anyways, but you know it’s I’m the last person that would ever be offended by that. And I thought it was so funny because that’s happened to me my whole life and people try to wave to me and I don’t see it. Or they try to high five me or they try to you know give me a – I had one guy try to give me a fist pound one time back in AZ and he tried for like five minutes – it was in a loud place – before I – you know not five minutes, but before I realized what he was doing. And you know I love Ryan. He’s an awesome guy and he actually did the right thing and he grabbed my hand and he did it again you know. And so I thought everyone would be wondering about it so I just had to return the favor.

Question: How do you think your Tunnel Vision may affect your participation on American Idol?

Scott MacIntyre: You know I’ve never thought of it as a disadvantage specifically in this competition. I mean it definitely makes it more challenging for me, but I’m so up for rising to the occasion you know as I have in every other challenge I’ve had to face in my life. And you know I don’t want people to look at it in that way you know. You know I do what I can because it’s definitely a very camera oriented show. I’m just here having a great time singing. You know I’m just blessed that I have people here that are willing to teach me the choreography. And on that note, you know any time you see me following the steady cam you know or whatever it is, there’s several – lots of camera changes in the group song, “I Believe.” And it’s all – you know they’ve told me you know look here and they point my arm and follow it around to the left. So it’s hit and miss sometimes, but it’s going well. And you know I’m so blessed to be here.

Question: You have your dancing shoes warm?

Scott MacIntyre: I mean they can throw whatever they want at me. You know I’ll deal with it. I’ve actually had you know some dance in my background. I’ve done some swing dancing, some salsa dancing and you know with the whole music thing rhythm is kind of – it crosses into different areas of your life. So I’m not too worried about that. You know they didn’t show my group round in Hollywood Week, but I actually had a lot of fun. I was with a great group of guys. There’s some good pictures of it online. We look like a boy band. But you know sometimes it just takes someone you know showing me the steps and as long as I know that I’m not going to fall off the stage then I’m good. And that’s a joke of course. But I’m really good at you know keeping an awareness of my space because I’ve had some – a little bit of practice here and there you know performing for some churches. So I’m very used to and comfortable with being onstage.

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