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Hells Kitchen: Chef Ramsay is Never Coi

March 12, 2009 07:48 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen, as always, starts us off exactly where we left off as we relive the expulsion of the cooking teacher, Colleen. With Lacey starting to become close with the men, she finds her new surroundings a bit more appealing than when she was with the women’s team. The women, on the other hand, had to deal with the aftermath of losing a pair of hands in the kitchen and Andrea’s performance seems to be getting on the nerves of her fellow chefs.

The chef’s gathered for their morning meeting with Chef Ramsay and he announced that the chefs were doing a Bar Mitzvah, a Jewish rite-of-passage ceremony for the evening’s service. Chef Ramsay told the chefs they had to prepare a hamburger, a brisket and chicken soup for the grandmother and the mother to try out to see which team would win the challenge. Chef Ramsay told the chefs to transform the dishes into “Fine Dining” and the girls seem to be struggling to form a cohesive strategy.


The young man, Max, was brought in to judge the dishes for his Bar Mitzvah and the chefs first brought out their chicken soup dishes for him to try. Max chose the Blue Team’s chicken soup as the winner and then chose the Red Team’s brisket, which shocked Ben, who was Jewish and thought he would win that challenge. Max was now faced with the tie-breaking decision with the decision of the burger and chose the burger from the Blue Team to give the guys a victory and a reward.

Chef Ramsay sent the guys and Lacey off to a spa for a day as the women were in transformational mode as they were responsible for changing the restaurant to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah haven. The Blue Team was being pampered and the men looked slightly uncomfortable being pampered with Luffa rubs and some sort of mud caked on their skin.


The men arrived back toHell’s Kitchen ready to get back into the kitchen with a renewed spirit but the women were not even close to functioning as a team as they seemed to be snipping at each other constantly. After the man of the hour, Max, was introduced, the chefs sprung into action. Andrea struggled with the risotto immediately, but then started to pull it together and by doing so, delayed the wrath of Chef Ramsay.

J had his bad moments in the Blue kitchen as he struggled with the preparation of simple salads that had Ramsay’s nostrils flaring as he said “J, you are screwing up” and Andrea continued to be the thorn in the side for the women, but Coi really inspired a strong reaction from Ramsay as she could not seem to get her meat station under control.


The women were not communicating at all and the Burgers from the Red kitchen slowed to a snail’s pace in leaving the kitchen. Danny was called out by Chef Ramsay for serving dirty dishes and he had to give Danny a lesson about attention to detail when it came to dinner service. Coi’s meat station continued to be a problem and Lacey, who had gotten a compliment earlier from Chef Ramsay, now was garnering the ire of Chef Ramsay as he kept yelling, “Where’s the Beef” at her as the burgers slowed to a crawl from the Blue kitchen.

The dining room was not as concerned about the speed of the service as the kids were playing the various games that were set in the dinning room for the Bar Mitzvah. Even Jean-Philippe was having his own troubles in the dinning area as he was in a constant battle with the Party Planner, who finally frayed Jean-Philippe’s last nerve when he dropped the Bar Mitzvah cake he was carrying when Jean-Philippe turned into him at a critical time.


Chef Ramsay was pleased to have the Red and Blue kitchen complete the service for the Bar Mitzvah boy, Max, and even arranged for the Harlem Globetrotters to perform as a special treat for Max. It was fun to watch the chefs smile a bit as they enjoyed the show by the Globetrotters and it was clear that it was not a clear decision as to who would be going home.

Chef Ramsay was in a difficult decision as he said that both teams performed well but that the Blue Team had out-performed the Red Team. Andrea was called out by Chef Ramsay as someone who bounced back, leaving the other women scratching their heads as they thought she was a weak link and not someone who should choose two to be put up for elimination.


Andrea hesitated in her decision of choosing two to go before Ramsay because she didn’t want to incite ill feelings among the women. Chef Ramsay was extremely disturbed that Andrea could not take responsibility in being a leader, which he said was necessary as a leaded in a top notch kitchen, saying she was playing “Head games.” When Chef Ramsay pushed her for a decision, she finally nominated Coi and LA for their lack of commitment to the dinner service, essentially their attitudes. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Both women said they deserved to stay and then most of the women ganged up on Andrea saying that she was the worse in the kitchen tonight. Chef Ramsay was not convinced by the women’s appeal that Andrea was bad at the night’s service and summarily dismissed Coi saying that “at the beginning, he thought she might be good but knew she wasn’t the one” when she couldn’t even man a meat station with any confidence.

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