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Dancing With The Stars: Where is Steve-O?

March 16, 2009 08:11 PM by Paulene Hinds


The dancers came out onDancing With The Stars, ready to dazzle the judges and viewers again tonight, but as Lacey Schwimmer came down the staircase she was minus her partner, Steve-O. Has his back injury from last week taken him out of the competition?Tom Bergeron mentioned that Steve-O was injured earlier today, but made no indication that he would be replaced this evening? What happened to Steve-O and is he finished with Dancing With The Stars? Keep reading to find out!


The first dancers up tonight were Playboy bunny Holly and her partner Dmitry. Holly gave Dmitry a list of 20 questions and guess what…the only thing have have in common is that they are both new to the competition this season! They were dancing the quickstep tonight. One week sure made alot of difference for Holly. She was very light on her feet and the choreography was cute!

Len said that the quickstep is a very difficult dance. Holly’s posture was lacking and her bosum sticks out too much. Bruno said that Holly has to keep up with her partner. Carrie Ann said that Holly was like a doll being dragged across the floor and had to work on being an equal partner with Dmitry.

Their scores were 6, 6, 6 an 18 out of 30 their total with last week’s scores is 32 out of 60.

The second dancers tonight were funny man David and his pro partner Kym. David asked for a harder routine, so Kym gave it to him. They were dancing the salsa. The dance was more technically difficult, but still fun.

Bruno said that his character was right, his hip action was poor and his timing was off. Carrie Ann said that they were lacking from being driven by the musicality. Len said that the salsa is a true performance dance, and although he performed it there was far too much of Kym and not enough of David.

Their scores tonight were 6, 5 and 6 a total of 17 and an overall total of 36 out of 60.

Next red hot mama Denise was on the floor with her partner Maksy-poo. Maks told Denise that the judges were wanting Denise to bring it tonight and she was prepared to do so. They danced the quickstep tonight. She had a few mis-steps here and there, but her performance was so much better than last week. The jitters seem to be gone.

Carrie Ann said that Denise had performed much better and for the most part was really great. Len said that there was a great improvement from last week except one moment where they lost a bit of synchronicity. Bruno said aside from a bit of a stumble, she did very well.

The judges gave them 7, 7 and 7 a score of 21. With their scores from last week they now had a total of 39 out of 60.


Next on the floor was the woman whose hit song told us Heaven is a place on earth. Belinda Carlisle was dancing a salsa with her partner Jonathan. Jonathan smartly added some Go Go moves into the dance. She seemed to be having fun, but was still too stiff?

Len said the judges want to see exuberance and she provided that, but she is lacking in her leg work and hip action. Bruno said that is is great to see Belinda let her hair down and shehas to learn to be much sharper on the strong beats. Carrie Ann said that she found the dance lacking in grace, but the freedom is nice to see.

Their scores were 6, 6 and 6 a total of 18. Their two day combined total is 35 out of 60.


The King of the Cowboys, Ty was doing a quickstep with his pro partner Chelsie tonight and he was hoping for redemption. He really moved across the floor and even smiled this week!

Carrie Ann said that she was so, so proud of him. She said it was beautiful. Bruno said that Ty was riding that quickstep and was in charge. He was beeped for something??? Len said that last week Ty was a caterpillar and this week is a butterfly.

The judges gave the couple 7, 6 and 7 a score of 20 out of 30. They have a total of 34 out of 60.

The Queen of the balance beam, Shawn was up next and this week she and her partner Mark were dancing the salsa. She was hoping that she was going to be able to shake her booty and although she didn’t shake it enough, it was tight and clean.

Bruno said that the dance was so charming, but she needs to work on the naughtiness. Len said that the dance was very clean and precise, but she needs to throw caution to the wind a little bit more. Carrie Ann said that she thought it was fantastic and was very tight and half-way through the hips went bam, bam!

Their scores were triple 8′s a 24 out of 30. After last week’s scores they have 47 out of 60.

The computer genius Stevewas hoping to be a genius on the dance floor tonight when he performed the quickstep with his partner Karina. Steve fracture the bone in his foot last week and is wearing a walking cast. He still came out and performed. He is weird to watch, but you can tell he has fun!

Len said that he is very happy and loves Buddy Holly songs and would give him and extra point for that. He has great antics. Carrie Ann said that she enjoys watching him and that is really important. Bruno said that Steve reminds him of Wally a little rusty at parts, but endearing.

They received 6, 5 and 6 a total of 17. Their overall score is 30 out of 60.


Real life couple Chuck and Julianne Hough were doing the salsa this week and they were prepared to be sexy, sexy, sexy. Chuck had a hard time doing the feminine moves, but he was ready to tackle it Derek style.

Bruno said that it was a bit of wasted opportunity and they want more from him, not Julianne. Len said that Chuck is young and entertaining and should come out and sell it. Carrie Ann said that Chuck does have a lot of potential, but it wasn’t a salsa and was too showy.

The judges scores were 6, 7 and 7 a 20 out of 30. The combined score is 40 out of 60.

Next on the dance floor was NFL hall of famer Lawrence and Edyta. The big guy was doing the quickstep and was very frustrated during rehearsals. He channeled it and glided across the stage ending the performance with a LIFT!

Carrie Ann said that’s the way, uh, uh, I like it. Bruno said…now that is a competitor. Len said it was difficult choreography and it was well done!

They received 7, 6 and 7 a 20 out of 30. Their combined total is 36 out of 60.

The unruly daredevil Steve-O landed on his mic-pack today and ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately he is unable to dance the salsa with his partner Lacey tonight and hopes to return next week. He had injured his back last week as well. The official rules stated that the judges would base their scores on his dress rehearsal.

As Lacey faced the judges alone, Len said that he feels terribly sorry for Steve, because the dress rehearsal is not the same adrenaline pump as being on stage live. Bruno said that Steve-O danced like a series of unfortunate events and there was no salsa in their routine. Carrie Ann said that the dance would have been enjoyable to watch live.

The judges scores were 5, 4 and 5 a total of 14. Added to last week’s scores, they now have 31 out of 60.

Rapper Lil’ Kim was up next with her partner Derek and this week they were dancing a quickstep. Lil’ Kim said that adjusting from hip hop to this is a little challenging. She was trying for elegant and refined? Other than her strange mouth hold, she was great.

Bruno said she had bling coming out from every pore of her body, what a vivacious performance. Carrie Ann said that evey once of her body is doing the exact same thing and the choreography was fantastic. Len said that Lil’ Kim is not shy and theirwas no refinement and a lot of quantity and no quality. Lil’ Kim may be heading back to jail for murder!

They received an 8, 7 and 8 a 23 with a 44 out of 60 altogether.


The Bachelor star, Melissa was up next with her partner Tony. Tonight they were dancing the salsa and Melissa was given a crash course in the style of dance. I love her! Her smile alone is mesmerizing.

Carrie Ann said…whew, finally a real salsa…it was slamming. Len said that he was gyrating on the seat. The dance was full on and the salsa of the night. Bruno said that was a juicy salsa and he wants more.

They received 9, 8 and 9 a total of 26 out of 30! Their total added to last week gives them a 49 out of 60.

Sexy Gilles was up last dancing a quickstep with his partner Cheryl Burke.Last week they received the highest score of the evening and were hoping to do the same thing again tonight. Hopefully Gilles separated shoulder doesn’t interfere with his performance.

Len said that after last week, he was worried Gilles would be a one week wonder, but he was amazing. Bruno said that there were sparks out there. Carrie Ann said that Gilles was making the ladies swoon and the couple are becoming the fan favorites.

The judges gave them 9, 9 and 9! 27 out of 30. Wow! Their total is 51 out of 60.

Tomorrow night, thetwo couples with the lowest scores will dance for their lives in a dance off, hoping to stay in the competition and injured contestant Jewel will sing as well as Big Bad Voodo Daddy when Dancing With The Stars returns at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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