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American Idol: Getting In On The Safety Net Bandwagon

March 17, 2009 02:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Survivor has the immunity idol, The Amazing Race has its non- elimination legs and now American Idol has the judges’ save! The new rule on American Idol states that once during the season and before the Top 5 performances, the judges may save the lowest vote-getter and put two contestants up for elimination the following week instead. The judges’ save is designed to prevent singers that have great potential from making anearly exit from the show.

So, how exactly will the judges save affect this season? It is too early too tell for sure, but itis unlikely that the viewers will get it wrong tonightas the Top 11 sing.

Is the save even really required? It seems that the American viewers are driven by the judges comments anyway and swayed into not voting for the judges least favorite contestant.

Shock votes usually occur in later rounds too, such as when American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson was voted off the show. So if this trend continues, the judges save would no longer apply and be thrown into the wind like an unfound Survivor immunity idol or The Amazing Race non-elimination leg that was never used.

Do you think the judges save will prevent a forerunner from going home too early on American Idol or is the new rule just another tactic to get viewers to watch the show? Have your say on our message boards.

American Idol 8 returns tonightonly on FOX!

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