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American Idol: Grand Ole Opry Elimination!

March 18, 2009 07:04 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest begins FOX’s American Idol tonight by saying that in his hand, he holds the results from last night’s vote – and they are shocking! There were over 31 million votes! The Top 11 sit nearby, waiting in anticipation, as Ryan introduces the judges and says that tonight – viewers will be treated to a performance by Brad Paisley, as well as a new duet from Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood on Grand Ole Opry week! To start the show, the Top 11 perform T-r-o-u-b-l-e by Travis Tritt!

Here It Goes Again is the Ford music video of the week on American Idol – and it features water balloons – the contestants had a lot of fun taping it! Next, Ryan introduces a montage of what happens behind the scenes when someone is eliminated – such as Jasmine and Jorge last week.

Ryan Seacrest now says it’s time to pull out the bottom three. He calls Danny Gokey – who is safe, Lil Rounds – who is also safe, and Anoop Desai – who also gets the nod – he too will be joining the American Idol summer tour! Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver are asked to stand up next. Ryan asks which one Paula abdul thinks is in the bottom three – she says based on their critiques – probably Allison. Ryan announces that Allison is indeed in the bottom three and must take a stool. He then tells Michael to stand back up – he is also in the bottom three and should take a stool as well!


Before the final member of the bottom three is announced on Idol, country star Brad Paisley is introduced. He performs his new song Then for Grand Ole Opry week on Idol! Ryan jokes afterward that American voted – and Brad’s a superstar!

Scott MacIntyre is the next of the Top 11 to be called by Ryan Seacrest. He tells Scott that he should pack his bags for the summer tour – he’s safe. Megan Joy is asked to stand – she is going on the American Idol Top Ten Tour as well! Matt Giraud is in the spotlight after Megan. Ryan says that America voted – and he is safe – have a seat! Ryan turns to Kris Allen. Kris is also put out of his misery – he is not in the bottom three. Ryan then asks Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace to come forward. Ryan turns to Simon Cowell and asks if he has revised his opinion that Adam’s performance was rubbish last night – Simon says he has not. Ryan asks Randy Jackson which of the two he feels might be in the bottom three – Randy guesses Alexis. Ryan says he is going to send one of them back to safety immediately – it’s Allison Irahet! Either Michael Sarver or Alexis Grace is going home tonight – unless the judges decide to save them!

Ryan Seacrest says that they couldn’t pay tribute to the Grand Ole Opry without honoring it’s latest female inductee, Carrie Underwood – who was the winner of American Idol five years ago and is now a superstar! Ryan introduces Carrie and Randy Travis to a screaming audience! Carrie comes out and says she loves coming back. Randy says he had fun helping out the contestants this past week! Carrie and Randy sing their new duet, I Told You So.

Back to the Idol results, Ryan Seacrest joins bottom two, Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace. He asks Simon Cowell if the judges would consider saving either of the contestants. Simon tells Ryan that they just had a conversation – and there is one of the two that they might consider saving!


Ryan reads the results – Michael Sarver is safe. Ryan turns to the judges, and Simon tells Alexis that she is the one they considering saving – it all comes down to this performance! Alexis takes the stage to sing Jolene once again as the judges discuss her fate. After she sings, Simon says the judges are unanimous – it was good, but not good enough – it’s the end of the line for her on Idol. Paula tells Alexis that she has a great future – things are going to change for her now!

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