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America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks Responds To New York Audition Shut Down

March 18, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds

tyra banks

America’s Next Top Model executive producer and host, Tyra Banks is responding to the shut down of the New York auditions on Saturday when a stampedebroke outwhile America’s Next Top Model hopefuls waited in line for their chance to audition for the next installment of the hit CW show. She has vowed that everyone who missed out will get another shot.

“To all the Top Model hopefuls who were affected by the New York casting, we are doing everything we can to make sure thatall the girls who weren’t seen, get an opportunity to audition, we’ll update you on our plans very soon,” Tyra Banks said in a statement issued by the CW network.

Three people were arrested and six injuredon Saturday whenthestampede broke out justoutside of Manhattan’s Park Central hotel. Police said the America’s Next Top Modelevent was unorganized and the crowd began pushing and shoving when the line of hopefuls grew to several thousand.

Thepolice also stated that the situation escalated when a smoking car broke down nearby and a rumor spread that it might be a bomb. Three people were cited for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after theytried to break througha police barrier, policeadded.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has blamed the America’s Next Top Model producers for the riot, saying they should have requested police assistance.

TyraBanks made a joint statement with America’s Next Top Modelexecutive producer Ken Mok saying, “We are concerned by the events. We still don’t know all the details of what triggered the incident. We appreciate the efforts of the NYPD and will assist them in any way possible in this matter.”

The next tryouts for America’s Next Top Modelwill take place this month in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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