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The Chopping Block Sends Home A Pair With No Fight In Them

March 18, 2009 06:44 PM by DA Southern


NBC’s The Chopping Block Chef Marco Pierre White and his now seven couples vying for their own restaurant hopped the couples would serve up a better performance at the ne. With $250,000 on the line, the couples prepared for Chef White’s next challenge when he asks the potential restaurateurs to create a dinner service for acclaimed designers Nicole Miller and Rebecca Taylor.

The Great White Challenge had the teams creating a space that would resemble an intimate eating environment. Chef Marco was giving cooking lessons in how to make food look great to ach of the teams stressing the presentation. After the cooking lesson, the Chefs had one hour to prep the restaurant seating area to impress Chef White.


Red Team was first to try to impress and while Chef White liked the wall colors; he was not impressed with the wobbly table and the overall design of the table setting. Black Team’s hideous yellow walls immediately had Chef White’s face contorting and the lack of glasses on the table was seen as a major detail to White. Black Team’s Feisty Angela Brown-Johnson went into a tirade about how she wanted to do something about the glasses.

Chef White reiterated his displeasure with Red Team’s table set up, but awarded the team with the $10,000 prize at Pier One to decorate their restaurant. White delivered the bad news to the Black Team that they lost but did give them $3000 to finish their restaurant design. Both restaurants then set off on decorating and getting their menus ready to open for the fashion designers dinner, with Red Team getting Nicole Miller and Black Team getting Rebecca Taylor to cook for. With both teams preparing a fish dish on their menus as well as chicken and lamb as the major dishes, Chef White had to come in at the last minute to tell the chefs how to prepare their dishes.


The Black Team’s restaurant name was called, Soul; Red Teams was called Crimson and the restaurants were open for business. Each of the fashion designers and their guest were in to be seated and Red Team immediately struggled with the salads when Michael decided they were going to redo the salad thinking the original salad had been sitting too long. Black Team’s back-of-the-house crew was totally clueless as a cohesive group and even Chef White said they “Did not have their act together.”

Chef Marco went back to the kitchen of the Black Team and told them that they needed to get everybody out to the front to help move things along. Red Team’s food was coming out but the food was being received well and the chefs in the kitchen were constantly bickering on he preparation of the dishes.

Red Team was first to see the mystery food critic arrive and tried to charm him a bit while he was waiting for his food. The kitchen crew was surprised when Designer, Nicole Miller came back into the kitchen to see what the problem was when it came to getting food out for her guest and looked clueless as she was awaiting an explanation and then added that she didn’t want anybody served seabass.


Critics Review was brutal once again and the food critic savaged the Black Team calling some of their food a “Joke” but said that the crab cakes were very good. He went on to say that the Red Team’s chicken was bad and that the Black Team’s sea bass was terrible. In the end of both teams’ pitiful performances, Chef Marco asked which team didn’t stink up the place more. The critic said that even though he had a better time at Crimson’s restaurant, Soul’s overall dishes were better, giving them the win.

Chef Marco said that he had good reason to sack everyone of the Red Team based on their performance and, Michael, being the Head Chef for the service, immediately threw the ex-married couple, Lisa Stalvey and Michael Anapol, under the bus hoping to keep the spotlight off of him and Samantha. Chad defended his performance at salads and then Samantha’s front-of-house performance was called into question by Chad.


In the end, best friends, Chad and Mikey, were chopped up on the chopping block as Chef White said that they were not willing to fight for what they wanted when Chad agreed to criticism about his performance. Chef White stressed the importance of confidence in their decisions in the kitchen and that, in the end, a chef had to fight for what they wanted.

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