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Hell’s Kitchen: One Doesn’t Make It To The End Of Service

March 19, 2009 08:15 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen closes its kitchen once again as the chefs leave the kitchen with the remains of the day behind them after watching Coi walking from Hell’s Kitchen with even Chef Ramsay thinking she had promise. With the woman’s ranks dwindling and the fighting intensifying, the men have a chance to step it up and deliver a decisive blow to the women once and for all.

Carol and Andrea were still feuding a bit but seemed to patch it up as LA became the next target. The chefs met Chef Ramsay in the morning and the chefs were treated to a sampling of salmon from Chef Ramsay’s kitchen. The challenge was to create a five course meal out of leftovers and in a surprise move, Ramsay sent Giovanni over to the women to balance out the teams.

Immediately Giovanni made a difference in the woman’s team and the men were suffering with the inept Lacey adding knowing that she added noting to the men’s team. In the first head-to-head, Danny and Paula both got a point for their teams with their dishes. Lacey against LA and neither of the chefs impressed Chef Ramsay. Carol was against Robert in the next testing and Robert scored for the men. Andrea vs J for the next taste test and Andrea scored for the women.


With the scored tied it was Giovanni against Ben for the winner of the challenge and Chef Ramsay said that both dishes were excellent, but chose Giovanni’s dish to give the Red Team a much needed victory. The men’s team had to get the kitchens ready for the night’s service and Giovanni gave the ladies a pep talk to get them ready to work as a team.

Lacey, as usual, was gripping about all of the work she had to do and the obvious shot of her picking her butt as she sauntered about the kitchen was a true gift. The Ladies and Giovanni spent the day at the race track and had a chance to bond with Chef Ramsay. Back at the kitchen, Lacey threatened to quit, as usual, and finally had enough of perceived mistreatment from the men and left the kitchen in what looked like, and what we could only hope would be, for good.


The service started and Giovanni’s presence on the women’s team had a tranquilizing effect on the Red Team as they seemed to work a bit better. Carol still struggled with the risotto and J continued with his downward spiral as he mishandled the risotto as well.

Carol was continuing her on-going battle with Andrea has Chef Ramsay sent them both out to sit at a table to eat the undercooked risotto. J was so incompetent that Chef Ramsay pulled him out of the kitchen and yelled him to “Get it together” and the Red Team’s LA was completely clueless as she looked like she was sleepwalking around the kitchen.

J finally had Ramsay so worked up that he was thrown out of the kitchen for his inept performance and Chef Ramsay told him to take his jacket off and get out. We then watched him pack and leave in a cab and realized that there may not be another elimination tonight, but this is Hell’s Kitchen where anything to happen.


The Red Kitchen was performing like champs as Giovanni was acting like the winner of Hell’s Kitchen already as he pulled the women together. The Blue Team was still struggling to get their act together and Paula on the Red Team got a rare complement when she prepared a superb wellington. Ben was the second person from the Blue Team called to the back by Ramsay for a chewing out for poor performance and it looked like Red Team had a rare win under Giovanni’s leadership.

With both teams finishing service, Chef Ramsay told the Blue Team to think about someone they don’t want on their team. Ben knew he was on the hotseat and Lacey was immediately defending herself for her pitiful performance. With all of the back and forth, Robert had the best line of the night saying that if Lacey won the competition, he would “take off his chef’s coat and become a crack whore.” Ahh, Robert, never one to hold back.


Chef Ramsay asked each of the Blue Team members who they don’t want on their team. Lacey got the bulk of the votes as all of the men doubted her commitment to the team. Chef Ramsay called out Lacey and Ben to step forward and defend themselves for their night’s service.


In the end, Chef Ramsay, put the fear of God into both chefs and did not send anyone home having sent J home earlier. Chef Ramsay reasoned that the Blue Team was at a disadvantage with the early dismissal of J during the service and that they could not expect to bounce back with one less person on the line.

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