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Amazing Race 14: Teams Head To India

March 22, 2009 07:52 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS‘s Amazing Race, teams will put away their coats and head to India. They are shockedwhen they view the landscape and culture of India, but get themselves into trouble when they try to navigate through the city. Christie and Jodi have a lot of time to make up as they must complete an additional speed bump from almost being eliminated in the last leg. Find out who won’t be competing in the next leg of the amazing race

The first team to leave the pit stop is Margie and Luke. They receive instructions to fly 2,000 miles away to the “Pink City” of Jaipur, India. First they must connect through Moscow. Once in India, they must find a sacred tree to retrieve their next clue. Next to depart are Tammy and Victor with Christie and Jodi close behind.

Mel is having a hard time keeping up on the tasks, while Mark and Mike are worried about some of the girl teams. All of the teams end up arriving in India on the same flight. Most of the teams are having communication issues with the cab drivers. The teams are astounded as they drive through the city at the congestion, the exotic animals, and the landscape. Cara and Luke get teary eyed when they see all the stray animals and children eating garbage.Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive at the sacred tree and they have to dial a phone number to get their clue. They reach the amazing race road block.


ROAD BLOCK: One team member mustprovide a team of camels and load and carry enough food (hay and water) to satisfy all the camels. Once they have enough water to spill out of the trough they can move on.

Victor opts to do the task. Some of the other teams have caught up. Mel and Maggie are having a hard time lifting all the water, while Cara can’t even understand what she’s supposed to do. Christie and Jodi are still on their way to the road block and they realize they are in last place, but aren’t giving up. Mike is wishing he would have opted to do the road block as he watches his dad struggling. Tammy and Victor are maintaining their lead and finish the road block, which brings them to the detour.

DETOUR: Movers or Shakers. In movers, they choose a cycle loaded with barrels and pedal 1.5 miles, then search through all the barrels to find a small metal elephant. In shakers, they must put on costumes and join a dance group- once they earn 100 rupees they can get their clue.


All of the teams finish the road block and move on to the detour, but Christie and Jody must complete their speed bump as a penalty from being last on the previous leg. They must find a temple and use colored paint to decorate an elephant to the satisfaction of its owner. Almost all of the teams opt to do Shakers except Mark and Mike, who feel that they can excel at any physical endeavor. They do find it difficult to navigate their way through the city via bicycle.

Tammy and Victor are the first to reach the pit stop at Jaigarth Fort. Meanwhile, Cara and Jamie finish the detour but realize their taxi driver left – with their bags! Eventually, after much freaking out, they run into him walking down the street and get back on track. Mark and Mike managed to make it though the city, but have some trouble finding the elephant in their barrels.

The next teams to the pit stop are Mel and Mike, Keesha and Jen, Margie and Luke, and Cara and Jamie. Mark and Michael round the corner as team six, but Christie and Jody are only a few footsteps behind them. But they are eliminated from the amazing race.


The Amazing Race 14 airs Sundays at 8 PM ETon CBS.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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