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American Idol: Group Performances Lip-Synched

March 22, 2009 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


If you watch American Idol, you surely have noticed that sometimes during the group performances, the singers lips don’t seem to match what you are hearing. If you have ever questioned whether the American Idolperformers are singing live or lip-synching, you are not alone and finally the question has been answered.

Although an American Idol source told E! online that only the chorus is pre-recorded with the contestants singing their solos liveand the band playing live as well, Justin Guarini the first runner-up from season 1 of American Idol, has cleared the air about the group performances.

Justin Guarinisaid on TV Guide Network’s American IdolWrap, the weekly recap show he co-hosts with Kimberly Caldwell, “Every single year, we cannot stand the group performances. I know they can’t stand it either. And, I think what makes [the group performances] it even worse now is that they’re lip-synched. They’re really pre recorded now.”

Justin Guariniwent on saying, “And you see them kind of do this with the microphone [he pretends to hold a mike away from his mouth] and they’re not even holding it to their face and they’re laughing.”

Justin Guarini doesn’t necessarily think that the pre-recording of the group routine is a bad thing though and said, “I think it’s good because you know what? It’s one less thing to have to sing, one less thing to have to memorize and it’s done during the week. They don’t have to worry about it.”

Now we know!

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