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Build A Career By Appearing On Reality TV

March 22, 2009 09:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Once upon a time, you wouldn’t find a celebrity that would go near a reality TV show, most wereafraid it would tarnish their good reptutation as a star. Now both the famous and almost-famous are lining up around the block to get in on the reality TV craze, especially apopular show like Dancing With The Stars.

It isn’t all about money either as reality TV shows pay by what is called a Most Favored Nation Status where all the celebrities receive the same amount of pay for the entire season. Whether you are the first contestant booted off of the show or the winner, you arepaid the same, except you would receive a bonus for the top three, with the winner receiving the highest amount. Dancing With The Stars for instance pays a base pay of $200,000 for the entire season. The first place winner receives a bonus of $100,000 and the number two and number three finalists each receive a smaller bonus.

A reality TV show that is built around the life of a celebrity such as Denise Richards’ reality TVshow, It’s Complicated, likely receives producer credit, while participants on an existing show generally get a flat fee without residuals.

So why do Hollywood celebrities want to put themselves out there on reality TV if not for the money? Fame of course!

Jerry Springer used Dancing With The Stars to help him get out of being known as the wacked out host of his daytime circus-like talk show and went on to become a host of America’s Got Talent. He is even fielding movie offers for the first time in his career.Mario Lopez went on to become the host of EXTRA and Joey Fatone used the show gain the title of host for The Singing Bee.

NFL Football star, Emmitt Smith admitted that people didn’t know his face until he was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and Marie Osmond’s dolls have become mulit-million dollar sellers since her time on the hit ABC show. Both celebrities were put into the spotlight by performing on Dancing With The Stars. Even Cloris Leachman is back on the movie set since her stint on Dancing With The Stars and she is well into her 80′s!

Fame doesn’t just stop at the stars that perform on reality TV. Dancing professional Julianne Hough, received a big boost to her country music career by making a name for herself on Dancing With The Stars and her brother Derek Hough along with Mark Ballas, also pro dancers on Dancing With The Stars, are also using the show to kick start their music career by performing at each stop during the Dancing With The Stars tour.

Shows like Dancing With The Stars are known for resuscitating careers as they have a proven track record as long as you conduct yourself in a way consistent with your celebrity brand and don’t mind opening up the idiosyncracies of your personal or professional life to public scrutiny.

Celebrities have quicklylearned that at a time when a lot of opportunities for celebrity positions are disapprearing, reality TV is the best way to expose yourself and either gain or regain your status back in Hollywood. The the fame eventually adds money to yourpocketbook afterall!

Dancing With The Starsreturns for another round on Monday at 8 PM ETon ABC!

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