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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Bell Family!

March 22, 2009 05:56 PM by Candace Young


Ty Pennington begins this week’s edition of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition by explaining that he and the design team are headed for Tucson Arizona to help the Bell family. Daughter Lizzie has a rare form of anemia, which has resulted in her very survival depending on regular blood transfusions. Lizzie helped to form the John P. Bell Foundation, after Lizzie’s grandfather, and became an advocate who encouraged others to donate blood. The fourteen year-old also established ‘Lizzie’s Loot’ which gathers toys for children in the hospital receiving transfusions. Ty explains that the medical costs are huge, meaning that the Bell family cannot afford to fix their home, which is sinking and has termite and mold issues.

The Extreme Makeover design team arrives at the Bell family home and Ty does the bullhorn ‘good morning’! Ty tells the parents and their girls that they are headed to New York City while their new home is built! Lizzie and her mother take Ty on a tour through the old house. The father tells Eduardo and Didiayer that he recently had to sell his truck to help pay medical bills. Lizzie’s sister tells Rib that she worries that if people don’t keep donating blood then Lizzie won’t survive! She says she is a sports nut. Lizzie tells Ty that she loves fashion and even sketches clothing designs. Pennington says this week is also about helping Lizzie’s quest – to get people to give blood!

Eduardo explains that since others donated most of the family’s furniture, Extreme Makeover Home Edition would also donate it when they remove it before demolition! Didiayer explains that the team will rally people to donate blood this week, as well as build the new house. John Wellesley Builders is doing the work. The volunteers says hello to the Bell family as they stand in Times Square and look up at the big screen! The family then watches as their old home is demolished. Ty Pennington stages an impromptu fashion show using the remnants from the house – Lizzie and her family laugh! Lizzie says she was thrilled to see a fashion show right outside her house!


By Day 3 the foundation is in, complete with aluminum portions to discourage termites. Rib Hillis has designed an Extreme Makeover Home Edition special headboard for Lizzie’s sister’s bed – made from baseball bats! Ed has saved one of the doors from the old house and is revamping it for use in the new house. Ty will be working on Lizzie’s room, and ponders what she might like as a group of teenage girls dress him up!

While Lizzie’s on vacation, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team is taking up where she left off by advocating for a blood drive in the community. They contact Lizzie and her family by video and tell her that they have blood drives in her name going on right now all over the country! The head of the Red Cross has even taped a video taped message for Lizzie! Rib Hillis tells Lizzie there is one more surprise for her in New York – he sends her to the atrium of the hospital they are in, where there is a blood drive in progress!

Eduardo explains that the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team is also collecting toys for Lizzie’s Loot – and there is a guest star – Super Nanny! Didiayer shows off the solar tubes in the family’s new roof – which will keep energy costs low! Ty phones Lizzie in New York and tells her that she is going to a fashion shoot at Seventeen Magazine. Lizzie screams and jumps up and down in excitement!

Back in Tucson, the house is coming together, as are the special rooms. Soon, Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Ty Pennington has the keys and furniture is being moved in – new furniture! Once the house is ready, the limo pulls up and Ty opens the door to welcome the family. Lizzie’s father admits he was crying before he even left the car. The large crowd chants, “Move that bus!” Lizzie and her sister both let out piercing screams as they see the new house! Lizzie calls it better than she could have ever imagined. Didiayer says it’s all about paying it forward – and they definitely accomplished that this week!


The Bell family goes inside to check out their new Extreme Makeover Home Edition home. Mom, Kathy Bell, notes the warmth of the new place, saying that the old house was cold – not healthy for Lizzie. Ty Pennington explains that they made an effort to do a very ‘green’ build. Lizzie’s sister loves her new room – she says it gets her personality perfectly! Lizzie’s parents love their beautiful new master bedroom, and the father notes that they will pay this forward in Tucson. Ty then takes Lizzie to see his special project – her room! She clasps both hands over her mouth and exclaims as she sees her new yellow room, fully equipped for fashion design – he even made one of her drawings come to life! Ty even made her a tag for her clothing designs – A Positive by Lizzie!

Outside, the family receives a new Ford Fusion Hybrid donated by Ford Motor Co. The last surprise is the backyard – which is full of family, friends, and neighbors! Ty makes an announcement that CVS Pharmacy has also donated $100, 000 toward Lizzie’s medical expenses! Lizzie cries with gratitude. Ty then ends by saying, “Welcome home, Bell family. Welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: extrememakeovertucson.com, tucsonazrealestateblog.com

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