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The Biggest Loser Couples Are Teams No More

March 24, 2009 08:21 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples has finally reached that point in the season where it becomes Loser against Loser as we lose the teams and everybody goes the weight loss road alone. With a season that has seen more team changes than any previous season; we have still seen the most congenial group that has ever inhabitedThe Biggest Loser Ranch. With no teams to bind the Losers together, it will be interesting to see if the previous alignments will still hold.

The Blue Team dragged them selves into the common area and the Black Team was shocked to see Aubrey still at the ranch. After the Black Team consoled Kristin after learning that her mom, Cathy, was gone, Kristin was more committed than ever to stay to the end to make a difference.

Host Allison Sweeney met the Losers at the gym and the Losers all saw a bunch of t-shirts on manikins. Allison informed the Losers that they were all different colors and on their own and all got their original colors back. Allison then announced that they were all to choose their trainers for the rest of the journey.


It was a foregone conclusion that Filipe and Sione were going with Bob, but several of the other contestants struggled with their decision between Bob and Jillian. Tara was first up to choose and chose Jillian; Mike chose Jillian, which shocked Bob, because it came down to a coin-toss; Helen picked Jillian; Kristin decided on Bob, giving Bob his first trainee; Filipe and Sione went with Bob, of course; Ron went with Bob; Laura chose Jillian and Aubrey finished the trainer “pick-me” contest by choosing Bob and the single battle was set.

The workouts began and each Loser was finally happy to be with who they wanted to be with. Kristin was immediately put out with Bob’s preoccupation with Sione and took some time to get him to focus on her to help her get over the 100 pound mark.


Allison met the losers and showed them all bricks with the amount of weight they had lost to date. Their task was to distribute the bricks among the other losers, which would be the other part of the challenge. Tara knew she would have a huge target on her back and expected a lot of bricks on her scale.

Surprisingly enough, Helen started getting a lot of weight, and Tara did indeed get her fair share of weight. By the time it was done, Helen had over 200 pounds and Tara had over 250 pounds on her scale. Helen got very motivated and Tara got upset about how everyone was “Ganging up” on her and Aubrey thought it was more fun that malicious. It got so bad, Tara even thought about quitting the competition completely as we saw her tell Laura that “She was done.” Laura finally talked some sense into her and she became the determined Tara we all know and love.

The second part of the challenge was on hand as the Losers approached a race track with old cars painted as their t-shirt colors. A NASCAR drove up and NASCAR driver, Clint Bowyer, drove up to give the Losers a pep-talk and they learned that they would each be pulling cars with the weight added from earlier.


Mike and Sione were leading the pack and Tara was pulling up the third place mark. Tara was more determined than ever to prove that the extra weight did not mean a thing. Sione and Tara were fighting for the first place spot and immunity going into the weigh-in. With steps left, Tara pulled out a last minute victory and secured another week at the ranch safe from elimination.

Tara could not wait to tell Jillian about the challenge and Jillian, thinking that Mike had won, was shocked to hear that Tara had pulled out a victory. Jillian even made it a point to pull her aside to tell her how proud she was of her and how important it was for her to finish strong. Bob was off giving healthy alternatives to the standard barbeque to Sione and Filipe to show them that they didn’t need to eat poorly when they got home.


The Last Chance Workout was as brutal as ever as each time the LCW was offered, it meant the stakes were higher if they wanted to stay another week at the ranch. Jillian was as brutal as ever knowing that Tara wanted to be the first over 100 pound mark to be the first woman ever to do so at the ranch and Bob was doing the same for Kristin.

The Weigh-In

Allison again reiterated that all of the Losers were now individuals at the weigh-in and that the bottom two would be up for elimination.

Tara was first on the scale and, even though she had immunity, needed to lose four pounds to break the record, but only lost three leaving her one pound shy of the 100 pound mark for a 1.52% loss for the week.

Kristin, the next person gaining on the record, needed to lose three pounds for the record, lost 8 pounds and set the new Biggest Loser record for a woman. Kristin had a 3.04% loss for the week.

Aubrey lost 4 pounds for a 2.05%

Mike lost 6 pounds for a 2.22%

Laura lost 7 pounds for a 3.18%

Helen lost 5 pounds for a 2.75%

Sione lost 7 pounds for a 2.56%

Ron lost 10 pounds for a 3.06%

Filipe lost 4 pounds for a 1.50%

Aubrey and Filipe were sent to the elimination room and it was a best case scenario for Aubrey as if Filipe is determined to be a bigger threat, then she reasoned she would be safe. The irony of it all was that Tara, who had immunity, would have certainly gone home tonight as without the immunity she would have fallen below the yellow line.


With the chance to rid themselves of a tough competitor in Filipe, it was not a clear choice as to who the Losers would be picking to go home. Tara picked Filipe; Mike chose Aubrey; Laura voted for Filipe; Helen chose Aubrey to go; Kristin voted for Aubrey and Ron finished off Aubrey’s chances of beingThe Biggest Loser. What was the biggest mistake by a group as Filipe is certainly in contention to become the winner of this season, was not taking a chance to rid them selves of someone who could win it all.

In one of the saddest “After they are home” videos, Aubrey actually gained 10 pounds back in the first several weeks as she put her family in front of her health and she finally made a decision to put herself first to continue to lose the weight.

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