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American Idol’s Jorge Nunez Talks About The Future

March 25, 2009 01:30 PM by Christine McDow


Shortly after Jorge Nunez was voted off of American Idol, he spoke and answered all of the questions that is on America’s mind. Then he raced back to Puerto Rico where was looking forward to some good home cooked food. Read below to find out what his future plans are, and what he really thought of the show.

Question: Hello, Jorge. You mentioned earlier that you were pretty close to graduating from college and well on your way to maybe becoming a lawyer. I was going to ask you, the world has a lot of lawyers who live good lives and a lot of musicians who are broke. What do you think you’re going to do now? Do you think you’ll go back to college and law, or are you tempted to stick with music, or what?

Jorge Nunez: You know, this show is so amazing and I’ve gotten do much exposure that I’m going to do both.

Question: So you will return to college but keep going.

Jorge Nunez:Yes, I’m going to finish college anyway, but I’m going to keep going with music. Music is my priority now.

Question:Can you tell us what went into your song choice this week?

Jorge Nunez:I just wanted to do something different, because I didn’t want to stay in the same kind of vibe when singing. I didn’t want to just sing ballads throughout the whole competition, and since it was the first time on a big stage, I wanted something that I could play with, move around, have a little fun on stage, and I had a lot of fun there.

Question:Did anyone have any helpful words for you after last night’s show?

Jorge Nunez:Well, the judges did encourage us both to keep going and I think that the most important thing that I have now is God and I know this is going to be great.

Question:What did you learn from your experience on American Idol?

Jorge Nunez:I’ve learned that being a singer is more to stay true to who you are no matter what other people might think, because everyone has a different opinion in the end. The artist is the person who believes in himself as who he is and what he wants. And I always kept that integrity throughout the whole show. I always picked the songs I wanted to sing, and I have no regrets.

Question:What was the most challenging aspect of the show for you?

Jorge Nunez:The most challenging aspect of the show for me was that, even though Puerto Rico has a lot of influence from the United States, being a territory of the United States. We are a country by ourselves, and we have our own culture there with a sense of music in Spanish and my biggest challenge until now was picking songs for the show in the sense of it’s not the kind of music that I’m used to singing and I have children and I have to get used to it. That was the biggest challenge, but I think I did a good job.

Question:I’m good. I just wondered, you know how Ryan Seacrest had a text from Marc Antony and JLo. Did you hear any more from them?

Jorge Nunez:Well, up to now, I haven’t heard anything else from them, but I don’t know, maybe I’m pretty sure that that was just a sign that things are going to be great for me.

Question:I agree. Were you at all hurt when you sang at the end and the judges didn’t save you?

Jorge Nunez:I was not hurt because I believe that a person shouldn’t have any excuse, and when something happens, it’s because it’s meant to be so. I just took the hit like a man, and you know what? Things are going to be great for me, because this is just the start of something much bigger.

Question:When you guys heard on Tuesday night that there was a big twist coming for American Idol, did you guys talk at all afterwards about what you thought the twist might be?

Jorge Nunez:Yes. We were all wondering what was going to happen. We didn’t know. It just happened that same moment. It was like what’s going to happen now? I kind of imagined that it was going to be something like that, being the fact that this year there is so much challenge in the show. So I imagined that they were going to save someone, something like that, but that’s basically what we were doing. We were wondering what was going to happen.

Question:What do you think the judges’ save will do to the competition? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Jorge Nunez:I think it’s a really good thing because there have been people like Chris Daughtry, like Clay Aiken, like Jennifer Hudson, that didn’t win and they’ve done great and you always think they should have gone further. Clay Aiken by himself, he had a great deal and he was lucky. He is so amazing, and Chris Daughtry, he also did a great job, but there are people that should have gone further in the competition and I bet that’s going to help out with the competition and with who gets the prize in the end.

Question:I was wondering how you felt about Simon’s comment when he snapped back about you singing Michael Jackson’s “Bad.”

Jorge Nunez:Do you mean “Bad?”

Question:Yes. When he made a joke about it.

Jorge Nunez:The thing is that Simon Cowell is the kind of person that if you say something, he’s really fast. You can’t play with Simon. He’s really fast, he’s smart, he’s witty, he’s just going to get you. But to me, it was at the moment, it was funny, but it was like you know what? Simon, come on, but he’s a great guy and that is the first time that he has told me something like that throughout the whole competition and I am really happy with his comments towards me. I know that he liked me in some way.

Question:That’s nice. Are you planning to go back to Puerto Rico soon, or are you going to stay around L.A. for awhile? What is your plan?

Jorge Nunez:I’ll be heading to Puerto Rico, I hope, next week, because I really miss my people and I really miss my island and I really want to eat some Puerto Rican food.

Question:Good. Do you think that there was any language barrier, and, if so, did that hurt you at all?

Jorge Nunez:It’s something that is really logical. My first language is Spanish, so basically, when I’m going to do my best in singing and in emoting what I sing and passing on emotions to people is going to be my own language. To me it wasn’t a disadvantage. It just meant that I needed to work harder and I don’t feel like it was something that affected me because I worked really hard and I think I did a great job.

Question:I was just wondering if there were any contestants left in the show who you developed any kind of bond with during rehearsals or who you’re excited to see go far.

Jorge Nunez:There are a few people. I love them all. They’re all great, but if I had to pick people from the contestants that actually get to no better, I love them all but, but I would say Lil Rounds. She calls me “Jorgito,” which is Georgy in Spanish, and Allison, because she’s a Latina too and we used to speak Spanish around the house, and Jasmine too, but she’s not here anymore, but we’re really close.

Question:There is some talk that a few people had issues with you referring to Puerto Rico as a country and I was wondering if you thought may have been confusing for people who don’t really know that the distinction.

Jorge Nunez:What do you mean by that?

Question:Earlier and last week specifically, you had talked about my country, and today you referred to it as a territory, and there was just some talk on-line that people might have had an issue with that and that might have detracted people who want to vote for American Idol, not necessarily American/Puerto Rico’s Idol. Do you think that it may have been confusing for people who don’t know?

Jorge Nunez:Some people, it’s normal. Because we have an economical relationship with the United States, some people don’t know that, but we’re a country and we’re really proud people, and we love Puerto Rico. So, to me, it really doesn’t matter from where you are. It just matters how you’re doing the show, and I think that’s something that’s so. Puerto Rico is something different and I don’t think that actually affected me.

Question:How are you? What do you think is your future? Do you want to continue your university career, or are you going to still try to be an entertainer?

Jorge Nunez:I’m going to try to pursue music, because as I’ve heard from my parents and people in Puerto Rico, I’ve gotten great coverage there. A lot of people already know who I am and millions of people saw me, so this is not the end for me. This is just the start.

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