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America’s Next Top Model 12: Benny Ninja Is Back Again

March 25, 2009 09:38 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

Tonight on the CW‘s America’s Next Top Model, the girls will be going back in time and posing as Ellis Island immigrants. They will also receive a visit from Benny Ninja, who will give them a lesson on how to pose like a pro. Then one of the models will be sent homeby a rather controversial decision…

The show starts with Sandra admiring how hot her picture is that is now on display in the model house. The girls are just hanging out in the house when all the sudden the doorbell rings. It’s Toccara, the controversial America’s Next Top Modelcontestant from a season past. She brings the girls pjs and then they have a slumber party where she talks to them about their confidence levels.

TYRA MAIL: If you can’t move to the music, that might pose a problem.

America's Next Top Model

The girls arrive a the Marquee and they are greeted by Benny Ninja, the posing artist. He brought along model Sky Nellor to help them learn how to use music as a motivation for posing. Benny has Sky play some random tracks and then he has the girls pose appropriately. Alot of the girls have issues because they are dancing rather than posing and Benny gets frustrated. Many of the girls are starting to get frustrated with Kortnie as she always feels the need to be a comedian.

TYRA MAIL: Practice your posin’ if you want to be chosen.

The next day the girls arrive at a mansion where they are greeted by Benny and some others for their challenge. The girls are told they will be posing in a show tonight with designs by the Blonds. The girls walk the show and as the girls walk out, Benny keeps saying “pose, pose, pose.” Most of the girls freeze up, but Celia loves the energy from the crowd. There are two rounds, and then a “pose-off” between Celia and Natalie, where the applause determines the winner. Celia ends up winning the challenge.

America's Next Top Model

TYRA MAIL: Models aren’t the only ones that migrate to New York to make their dreams come true.

The models arrive at hair and makeup with no clue as to what the shoot is about. Tahlia is struggling with her confidence and wants to go home. The girls arrive at Statue Cruises and meet with Jay. He tells them they will be going back in time to shoot “immigrant portraits” that are very dynamic. Brian Edwards is the photographer and he is even using old time film.Sandra is really disappointing Jay and he doesn’t feel like he’s getting anything from her. Kortnie has a real hard time getting some good poses as well. Tahlia actually does well and impresses Jay.

JUDGING: First up is Tiana. Nygel thinks she looks sensational and historic. All of the judges love it. Next is London, and they think her pose is terrible as her kids are looking at the camera and she’s not. Sandra’s picture is yet another profile and they are sick of it. They also feel that she’s not giving emotion. Allison looks like one of the kids, not their mother, but they thought it was very high fashion. Aminat’s picture was great. Fo’s picture resembles London’s and they didn’t like it.Natalie did a good job and they loved the pose. Kortnie has a “sour” look on her face and she underperformed. Next is Tahlia and Nygel says its the best picture he’s seen so far. They loved it but think she needs to convey that in person. The judges thought there was something lacking in Celia’s eyes and didn’t like it.

America's Next Top Model

Tahlia is the first to be called as she had the best picture this week. Then Tiana, Allison, Natalie, London, Aminat, Celia, and Fo. The bottom two are Sandra and Kortnie. They feel that Kortnie’s performance was so disappointing, and that Sandra needs to rely on more than just her looks. Sandra’s name is called and Celia steps up to say she doesn’t feel it’s fair for Tahlia to stay when she said that she wanted to go home. Tyra Bankssays she doesn’t think it’s fair that Celia just said that and the decision has been made. Kortnie leaves America’s Next Top Model.

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/7 CT on CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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    I enjoyed so much!I watch the program every da…I live in Brazil and my dream is to be a model.Alison is very very beautiful and celia too.
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