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Dancing With The Stars: Pays Shawn Johnson Big Bucks

March 28, 2009 12:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Dancing With The StarsOlympian Shawn Johnson, has struck gold with her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. The 17 year-old gymnast will definatelynot have to worry about where the money for college will come from ifshe properly manages her fee for appearing on the show and she mayeven have a little money left over for a shopping spree when she is done.

According to the contract filed in court between Johnson and BBC Worldwide Productions, whichproduces the show, Shawn Johnsonis being paid a guarantee of $125,000 to do the show, Access Hollywood has reported. The guarantee covers training, the first two weeks of Dancing With The Starsand her appearance at the finale.

Shawn Johnson will receive $10,000 for getting through the third and fourth weeks of Dancing With The Stars.

As a frontrunner in the competition, scoring high marks with her professional partner Mark Ballassince the start of competition, she will likely continue on in the competition to gain even more money.

For weeks 5, 6 and 7, the gymnast will take home $20,000 a week. She’ll earn $30,000 for weeks 8 and 9, and if she makes it to weeks 10 and 11, Shawn Johnson will earn $50,000 a week, for a grand total of $365,000.

If Dancing With The Starschooses toproduce specials of the show she can earn $30,000 for each one made.

The money doesn’t end there either. FutureDancing With The Starsprogramming which would complement herDancing With The Starsrun wouldearn Shawn Johnson $10,000 per show, and $5,000 for each in studio interview promoting the possible new official programming tied into the show. She is not paid, however, to do publicity for the show.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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