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Amazing Race 14: Things Heat Up In Thailand

March 29, 2009 06:34 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS‘s Amazing Race, the remaining six teams will depart from Jaipur, India and head to Phuket, Thailand. The teams will find that given the extremely hot temperatures, this will be one of the most physically challenging legs of the race. The drama continues when one of the contestants ends up passing out from heat exhaustion and another team receives a 60 minute penalty for bending the rules…

The contestants leave their pit stop in Jaipur, India. Tammy and Victor are the first to depart for Phuket, Thailand, where they must find a statue of a giant gorilla. All they are given is a picture of it. Soon after, the rest of the teams follow. Margie is having a hard time signing everything to her son and Jamie is getting frustrated with communication barriers.

All the teams ended up getting on the same flight to Thailand. Fourteen hours later, the teams are in a taxi race to find where the statue is located. Many of the taxi drivers don’t know where the gorilla is so the teams are asking random strangers for advice. The correct location is Phucket Zoo. The only team that was misguided was Mel and Mike, who are headed to Putong Beach. Jamie and Cara are the first to find the clue and get to the road block.

ROAD BLOCK: Teams must get a picture taken with a tiger and then lie on the ground where elephants will step over and squat on them. Interestingly enough, the tiger trainer only had one arm, which made for an increased sense of anxiety. hah. Several of the other teams have reached the clue, but Mel and Mike are still lost at the beach! Mark and Mike are the first ones to move on to the next clue.


Next on the amazing raceteams must find the oldest herb shop in Phuket and ask the owner to open one the 100 drawers. They must keep guessing until they find a clue. Meanwhile, Mel and Mike are finally told that they need to go to the zoo to find the gorilla statue. Cara and Jamie and Mark and Mike are the first teams to make it to the herb shop. They both rotate picking drawers. Mark and Mike are the first to find a clue and move on to the detour.

DETOUR: A hundred barrels- teams must make their way to a boat and fill 47 barrels with water and then move them from the deck to the roof. In two miles teams must make their way to a temple, where one will pull a rickshaw for 2 miles while carrying the other member in the wagon.

Back at the herb shop, Margie and Luke have come and gone, but Jamie and Cara are still there. The owner doesn’t speak English and Jamie is extremely frustrated that he can’t understand what number drawer they are referring to. Mark and Mike choose to do the “two miles” detour considering they are both so light. They are also very smart in asking their cab driver to lead them to the end of the detour, while they follow along in the rickshaw.


Mel and Mike are the last team to finish the amazing raceroad block and move in to the detour. They choose to do 100 barrels (oh great, another painful viewing moment where we have to watch the 68 yr. old muscle it out – why, oh why can’t they ever choose the right one?) Keesha and Jen also opt to do 100 barrels, while Tammy and Victor choose the rickshaw. Mel and Mike arrive at the fishing boat detour and Keesha and Jen are still there filling their buckets. Cara and Jamie are struggling with the rickshaw and switch positions. Margie and Luke are having a hard time because Luke isn’t holding the wagon properly and he can’t hear Maggie’s instructions.


Mark and Mike are the first team to make it to the pit stop, but incurred two 30 min penalties. The first is for hiring the taxi to lead them along the detour (oops, I guess that wasn’t so smart afterall) and the next is for putting back all the tools after they assembled the rickshaw, in order to slow down the other teams. They must wait an hour before they can check in. Mark and Mike have 5 minutes left on their penalty when Tammy and Victor arrive, so they are first place and win a trip to Oahu. Jamie and Cara arrive right afterwards and are in second place. Finally, Mark and Mike can check in and so they are team three. Then Maggie and Luke arrive, exhausted, but find they are team four. Then Maggie actually passes out from heat and dehydration.

Keesha and Jen finish the detour before Mel and Mike, but their taxi driver drops them off in the wrong spot while trying to find the pit stop. However, they do end up being team number five. Mel and Mike are the last team to arrive at the pit stop and are eliminated from the amazing race.


The Amazing Race 14 airs Sundays at 8 PM ETon CBS.

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Photo Credit: CBS

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