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The Celebrity Apprentice: Dennis Rodman Fired!

March 30, 2009 09:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Last night on The Celebrity Apprentice, Dennis Rodman appreared to have another breakdown…again. Unfortunately it turns out that Dennis Rodman has a bigger problem than he thinks. One with alcohol.

For the challenge, each team was given five rooms to manage at the Loews Regency Hotel. The women chose Tionne for their P.M. and the men’s team went with Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman was unable to take anything seriously or focus on a task for more than a minute if that. In the beginning he looked capable though,even getting the Carnegie Deli to provide welcome cookies, but then he started drinking.

Brian McKnight tried to keep everything together as Dennis Rodman tore things apart. Dennis Rodman even gave Joan Riverssome of the Carnegie Deli cookies for the women’s team to use…then he got a drink. He went to get the men’s first guest some champagne…then he got a drink. The cookies which were brought to the kitchen to be decorated, didn’t make it back upstairs for hours. Dennis was pretty happy at that point, but his guests were not.

In the end, Joan Rivers was fantastic as concierge on the women’s side, even though she forgot to give people the prices. She was able to get everything done and she seemed to really enjoy doing it.

Dennis Rodman’s team was disorganized and falling apart. Brian McKnight was overwhelmed as the concierge and Herschel Walker couldn’t figure out which order he was ferrying to which room? It was not suprising eitherthat Dennis Rodman took off and left his team hanging in the hotel to go get dinner with some guests.

The guys definitely tried, but they started with fewer people and had Dennis Rodman on their team. Even when Dennis Rodman came back back from dinner, he took off before the task was finished. It is sad to say, but Dennis Rodman leaving was probably the best thing for the team.

In the boardroom, Jesse James was the first to step up and say that Dennis Rodman had a drinking problem and Dennis Rodman didn’t even deny having it, he just said that it wasn’t the drinking that caused the team’s issues.

Once the loss was officially announced, Donald Trump didn’t bother to dismiss the women as he fired Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman still didn’t admit that there was any sort of problem, he just felt like he was being persecuted again.

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One Response to “The Celebrity Apprentice: Dennis Rodman Fired!”

  1. Cooked in LA Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    It’s sad to watch reality TV shows deal with alcoholics. Everyone grabs a stiff posture and acts like someone with tourettes is having an episode in the corner.

    Almost all reality shows encourage getting wasted on camera. They don’t realize that about 20% of those people are probably alcoholic and will most likely die of the spirits the show is requiring. Drinking isn’t the deal on The Apprentice, but check every other show that displays pretty people competing for a pride filled prize. Usually the alcoholics get weeded out from these shows in the first half and everyone grabs a deep sigh while saying, “I’m glad Krazy is gone now – she scared me!” It’s as if they got rid of the lazy or unintelligent participant and now they can begin winning.

    Fortunately, the American Medical Association doesn’t look at alcoholism like we look at lazy and unintelligent. They call it a disease, not of will, but of the body. Maybe we should start kicking off the reality contestants with Multiple Sclerosis. They deteriorate slower than the true alcoholic.

    I don’t say Rodman shouldn’t take responsibilty, just like MS patients, Rodman is in charge of his recovery, not his disease. Sunday night we watched his disease running the show. Alcoholism was the Project Manager.

    Paul Cook
    author of COOKED in LA


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