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American Idol Recap 03/31: Most Popular Downloads!

March 31, 2009 06:25 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest begins tonight’s episode of FOX’s American Idol by reminding viewers that it is now down only nine finalists! Randy Jackson says it will be interesting to see who has what it takes for the long haul. Ryan introduces the competitors, and says that, tonight, they were allowed to choose any song to perform – as long as it is a popular download on iTunes! Earlier in the week, the idol finalists visited Ryan in the studio where he does America’s Top 40 each week.

Anoop Desai is first up this week on Idol. He says that the song he chose to perform is Caught Up by Usher. With four back up singers/dancers, Anoop hits the stage in a black blazer with shoulder pads and offers up his version of ‘R&B’. Randy says he picked up his swagger, but he’s not sure it was the right song for him. Kara Dioguardi says he played it safe. Paula Abdul says she loves to see his playful side, and his vocals sounded good, but he needs to work on stage presence. Simon Cowell calls it a complete and utter mess – he came over as a wannabe! He says it gave him a headache! Anoop says he disagrees with the judges.

Megan Joy is up next singing Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley on American Idol. Megan had a rough week with the judges last time around, and is hoping for a better reception tonight. Wearing a turquoise halter-top and skinny jeans she does a good job with the song, but Kara says she thinks Megan is in trouble – it wasn’t the right song for her! Paula says that at this stage in the competition she needs to dig really deep and surprise them. Simon adds that the problem is that the song was boring and the performance was indulgent – all the things they liked about her are disappearing! Randy says it was like watching paint dry – it really was!

Contestant Danny Gokey says he wants to tone it down a little this week on Idol. He will be performing What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts. In a t-shirt and dark blazer, Danny takes center stage and delivers a heartfelt rendition of the country ballad. Paula tells Danny that she would definitely hit ‘repeat’ in her car! Simon thought it was his best performance yet – so much better than the first two performers! Randy says, “Very nice, dude!” Kara tells Danny that he moved everyone emotionally tonight – she had goose bumps!


Following Danny ‘s performance, is Allison Iraheta doing Don’t Speak by No Doubt, and playing the guitar herself! She has her purple hair spiked-up and is wearing a pink and black strapless dress over black tights. She belts it out with her signature edgy, raspy vocals. Randy says he doesn’t get her ensemble tonight. Kara says it was a good performance, but not her best. Paula says her vocals rival singers twice her age – she thinks she’s skating by and going right to the finish line! Simon says they can’t ignore the outfit – it’s a little ‘Addams family’! Simon also feels that she shouted the song. The judges seem to agree that Allison doesn’t need to ‘dress like a rock star’ – it comes out in her anyway!

Scott McIntyre is the next contestant up on American Idol. Dressed in a black leather jacket with hair combed in a fifties style, Scott sits at the piano to sing Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. He croons the tune with a lot of heart. Kara says it was a moving performance coming from an honest place – and she loves the new look. Paula is so proud of him – she forgets about his ‘challenge’. Simon Cowell says it was his best performance by a country mile! Randy agrees, saying it was one of the best of the night!

Lil Rounds is up next on Idol, and explains that she gave careful consideration to her song choice this week as the judges have told her she has chosen the wrong songs in the past weeks. Lil comes on stage wearing a long, pale blue dress and performs I Surrender by Celine Dion. She really belts out the song! Randy causes the crowd to ‘boo’ by disagreeing with the song choice – he says even though she sung the song very well, he wants her to ‘young’ it up a bit! Kara agrees – saying when she goes high it’s effortless. Paula says she doesn’t want to see an Adult Contemporary Lil Rounds. Simon concurs – she played it safe to stay in the competition – it was too old-fashioned – her personality is being sucked out of her! There is a sweet moment when Lil’s little daughter goes over to hug Randy!

Next up is contestant Adam Lambert, who will be singing Play That Funky Music by The Wild Cherries. With psychedelic lighting on the Idol stage, Adam emerges in a black suit with his hair combed conservatively again. He dances and sings like crazy! Paula Abdul says he’s a true genius! Simon is glad to get rid of some of the karaoke stuff from earlier. Randy says he expected the song to corny, but he worked it out! Kara says every week she can’t wait to get to the show to see what he’s going to do next! Adam gives props to the band.


Last up, Kris Allen says he will be trying to ‘make a moment’ tonight on Idol. He has chosen to sing Ain’t No Sunshine, and sits at the keyboard accompanied by a quartet of musicians. He is clad in a simple t-shirt and jeans. Kris delivers a powerful version of the tune. Randy Jackson tells Kris he is ‘so in the zone’ right now! Kara says, “That is artistry!” Paula agrees that he is playing his strengths – that could be the first cut from his album. Simon says he showed confidence tonight – which is what they talked about last week – he agrees it was his best performance so far!

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