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American Idol: Which Contestants May Be On The Line For Elimination This Week

March 31, 2009 10:00 AM by Paulene Hinds

megan joy cockrey may be eliminated this week on american idol

This week on American Idol, the Top 9 contestants will be singing songs from the Top Downloadable hits. It’s now getting down to the crunch and that means all of the singers need to get in the game, especially Scott MacIntrye and Megan Joy Corkrey.

According to many American Idolviewers, Scott MacIntrye’s performances have become too predictable and boring in recent weeks and Mercury News readers appear agree.

“It’s time for sweet Scott to go home. His talent does not stand up to the rest of the young people on that stage,” says Karen Long. “I’m thinking he may be getting a huge sympathy vote from dateless young women.”

“His ‘likability’ index’ is high but he has no edge,” complains Tom Hart. “He would have to totally reinvent himself onstage this week” if he wants to stick around.

Scott MacIntrye seems like a nice guy, but is now out of his league vocally. He also seems lost without his piano and if he doesn’t follow through with his promisethis week to Bring It, he may be gone.

Megan JoyCorkrey is another story altogether and Mercury News reader Althea Battle says, “She’s like taffy. When you touch it, it’s hard to get off your hands! Her vocals are shaky and weak. Her (physical) looks score high points, but her time is running out.”

With theAmerican Idol judges turning on her last week, this week may finally be hertime to go home, but next to Scott MacIntrye she is more interesting and actually has shown brief flashes of talent with her distinctive voice.

This week could mean that it is the end for either Scott MacIntrye or Megan JoyCorkrey unless the pair step up to the plate and really perform. Then again American Idolviewers have surprised us before, so who knows!

Do you want Megan Joy Corkreyor Scott MacIntyre to go home this week? Is this season of American Idolone of the best ever? Tell us your thoughts on our American Idol message boards .

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