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The Biggest Loser Couples Welcomes Back A Loser

March 31, 2009 07:33 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples under goes yet another transformation as host, Alison Sweeney, leaves for some much needed baby action, and we get the past winners ofThe Biggest Loser, Season 5 winner, Ali Vincent and, Season 6 winner, Michelle Aguilar, who will take over for Sweeney, at least for the week. With records falling all over The Biggest Loser ranch and as the Losers continue to dwindle, we know that Ron will face a major medical condition that could threaten his remaining time at the ranch and, oh yeah, some eliminated Losers are coming back for a chance to get back into the game.

The Losers walked into the gym to greet Ali Vincent and she told the Losers that Allison had herself a baby girl. Ali told the losers that there were several Losers, Estella, Nicole and David, who were eliminated because of their partner’s inability to keep them in the game. Vincent also told them that one of the Losers would get to come back into the game based on the amount of weight they have lost at home and would have elimination at their first weigh-in, provided that they didn’t gain any weight and what are the chances of that happening?

Estella weighed in at 197 and she lost 45 pounds for an 18.60% loss.

David weighed in at 347 and lost 46 pounds for an 11.70% loss.

Nicole weighed in at 182 and lost 87 pounds for a 32.34% and earned herself a spot back in the competition. Not only that, but coming in from working at home, she still managed to have the second highest weight-loss percentage of everybody.


The rest of the Losers were a little suspect as Nicole came in to bust the serenity of the established groups as they all realized that she could come in and win it all. The hilarious part was how all of the Losers attempted to get on her good side with advice on how to fit into the game at this point to hopefully win her as an ally should they need it in the elimination room.

The next day had Nicole out jogging early on her own and met up with Tara and was worn out by all of the game talk coming from Tara’s mouth. Nicole was next to impress Bob with her massive weight-loss and Bob was sure Tara was obsessing about it. Tara was next seen talking to Jillian about her weight-loss and why it has been stagnant as of late and the fear that she might not be able to go home and keep the weight off.


Bob took Kristin and Sione aside about the drama that would and was happening from here on out and that the only thing that mattered was staying above the yellow line. Jillian had her own battles with Helen and Laura who were not keeping up with their eating as she had told them to do and showed them alternatives to cooking a big breakfast. Bob again was dealing with Ron’s situation as Ron was whisked off to the hospital to seeThe Biggest Loser doctor, Dr. Huizenga, complaining of chest pains.

Poor Ron had some type of double balloon something-or-another and his status was evaluated by Dr. Huizenga and it was determined that he had an ulcer as a result of his gastrointestinal surgery he had in his earlier years. After the procedure Dr. H gave him a clean bill of health and sent him back to the ranch.


Michelle Aguilar was the next to greet the Losers for their next competition. Michelle told the Losers that they had to balance themselves above a pool on a platform on ropes. One by one the 40 ropes were released and the Losers had to be the one to balance better than the other Losers and the last one standing. A one pound advantage was up for grabs and with ropes disappearing at a two-at-a-time clip, several of the Losers started to struggle. Mike and Filipe were in first into the pool, followed by Laura, Tara, Helen and Nicole leaving Sione and Kristin to fight it out for the win. With nine ropes left, Kristin hit the water giving Sione a much needed victory to boost his morale.

The Last Chance Work out had Jillian working her crew hard at the gym alone as Bob had his crew go to the beach for a change-up in the routine to help keep his team above the yellow line for the next weigh-in. Jillian relished her gym being for her team only and took every opportunity for some different exercises. Mike and Jillian even took the opportunity to do some wrestling to give Mike a chance to make a difference in his last attempt to shed the pounds before the weigh-in.


The Weigh-In

Alison Sweeney greeted the Losers, shocking them all as they were shocked to see her coming back to work so soon after giving birth. Alison caught up with all of the drama and told Nicole that she had immunity unless she, by some chance, gained weight.

Nicole was first up on the scale with immunity but managed to gain 5 pounds at a + 2.75% gain, shocking everyone, but none more than Nicole as she lost immunity.

Kristin lost 4 pounds for a 1.57% loss

Laura gained 1 pound for a +.47% gain

Tara, hoping for the 100 pound loss hurdle to finally be broken, 6 pounds for a 3.08% loss

Helen lost 6 pounds for a 3.39%

Sione lost 6 pounds for a 2.63%

Filipe lost 4 pounds for a 1.52%

Mike lost 11 pounds for a 4.17%

Ron gained a tough 3 pounds which put him below the yellow line as he had a +.95% weight-gain.

With Ron and Nicole going to elimination, poor Nicole will probably leave as quickly as she enteredThe Biggest Loserranch having no time to really bond with the other Losers. Nicole gave a fairly impassioned plea to stay and Ron just asked to stay a little longer and not to be penalized for having to spend some time in the hospital. With alliances as they are, it would be a huge surprise if Nicole spent another night at the ranch no matter how they try to build up the drama in the elimination room


Mike voted Nicole; Filipe voted Ron which started a confrontation between Ron, Mike and Filipe; Laura voted for Nicole; Sione voted for Ron; Tara voted for Nicole; Helen voted for Ron and Kristin could not go against her alliance with Ron and sent Nicole home.

Drama not withstanding, the elimination room will set up a bit of drama into the ranch going into the remaining weeks and Nicole was still on her weight-loss binge and it showed. Nicole even hadThe Biggest Loser cameras with her as she was trying on wedding gowns at her new weigh of 164 pounds from the 269 pounds she started at when first showing up atThe Biggest Loser ranch.

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