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America’s Next Top Model: Catfights And Colorful Faces

April 01, 2009 06:30 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

It was a dramatic week on America’s Next Top Model after the elimination of Kortnie and Celia’s outburst at the judging ceremony. The tension was so thick you probably couldn’t even cut it with a knife. Did Celia secure herself a ticket home with her tattle-tale ways? Find out which model was sent packing…

Tahlia is upset about Celia’s outburst when Kortnie got eliminated. In case you didn’t see it, Celia told Tyra Banks that Tahlia had mentioned she wanted to go home and it wasn’t fair. Sandra thinks Celia was wrong in doing it and thinks she deserves to go home next. All of the sudden, Tiana and Aminat go downstairs and confront Allison and Natalie. Oddly enough, Tahlia and Celia just stand on the staircase speechless, when the fight was about them in the first place. Then it turns dirty. Aminat gets up in Natalie’s face and tells her that she is worthless over and over… (what did Natalie have to do with any of this?)

TYRA MAIL: I don’t wanna see any more blank faces.

The next day, the girls are greeted by Jay and he has some mannequins. He tells the girls that they don’t want to be known as “just a clothes hanger.” So he brings in model Beth Stern to help coach the ladies on variety in posing. All of the girls have to stand in front of a mirror and act out the emotion that Jay gives them. After their practice, Jay gives them their test. He says in order to be an Icon, they have to be able to do all different expressions and he reveals life size cut outs of Tyra’s picture with the face removed. The girls will be able to choose two of the five cutouts and have to pose inside them. None of them impress Jay or Beth. The girl who ended up bringing the most diversity was Natalie and she won 50% more frames at her next photo shoot.

America's Next Top Model

TYRA MAIL: You’re all looking a little pale, I think you need some color.

That night, Tahlia comes to sit next to Celia. Celia asks if she is okay and Tahlia says she was humiliated. Celia says she just wanted Tyra to know what was going on, and Tahlia says she has conveyed her feelings in the wrong way but now she is confident that she should be here. Celia tells her that she truly is sorry and that she is 100% sure she will be leaving this week.

The next morning the models go to their America’s Next Top Model photo shoot and they are told that they will be getting colored powders splattered across their faces and will have to use expression only to pose. Allison really held back and Jay is concerned she can’t move much further in the competition. Aminat did a pretty good job and Jay was satisfied.

Tahlia goes into the shoot with confidence, but Jay thinks it’s a bit blah. Toward the end, the frames got better ‘cus she envisioned the photographer was her boyfriend. Tiana has trouble pulling off a good smile. Fo does a fabulous job and so does London. Natalie walks on set and Jay tells her he wants “throbbing passion” but it was hard for her to do. Jay says that she needed the extra frames. Sandra does okay… and then it’s Celia. She realizes she must blow this out of the water or she’s going home. Jay says that it was the most relaxed of all the photo shoots she has ever been.

America's Next Top Model

THE JUDGING: Tyra Banks greets the models and the guest judge will be photographer Keith Major. First is Aminat and her color was green. The judges think she nailed it. Natalie is next and her color was orange. They think that there is no depth on her face. Tahlia’s color was violet and they think that she looks much better on camera than she does in person – which is a good thing. Celia follows and her color was gray. Tyra thinks she really embodied the color and Keith said he had fun with her and wanted more.

Tiana was yellow and they think she looked very well. London is next and she was blue. Paulina says that her face looks exactly the same as last week. Next is Allison and she had a disappointing shoot according to Keith. Her color was pink and Nygel tells her she has the same face each week. Sandra was white and they chose a frontal pose for the first time, but they hated it. They think she can only do profiles. Fo was the color red and the judges were pleased. The first name Tyra calls is Fo. The judges felt she had the best picture by a mile. Tiana was next, followed by Tahlia, Aminat, Allison, Natalie, and London. Sandra and Celia are in the bottom two… well that isn’t awkward at all!

Tyra tells Sandra that she is a lovely girl, but her pictures are always profiles and they aren’t sure if she’s a one look model. She says Celia takes gorgeous pictures and has gorgeous style, but the judges thought what she said about Tahlia last week was very unattractive. She hands Celia her picture and Sandra is eliminated from America’s Next Top Model. Big surprise, she thinks they are crazy for doing that because she is the best. Peace out Sandra, don’t let the door hit ya!

America's Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET/7 CT on CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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