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Survivor: Tocantins — Burnt Beans & A Fake Idol

April 02, 2009 07:17 PM by Ryan Haidet


After a three-week hiatus, which actually felt like three months, a new episode of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands hit the airwaves (a recap episode aired last week). Coach caused some tension while cooking food, a fake hidden Immunity Idol was created and another castaway was blindsided as the merge looms.

Night 15 at Jalapao the tribe returned to camp after voting Spencer off. The next morning, Sydney said she felt like she was on the chopping block because of the tight bond the guys have. Joe tried to convince her that she was probably going to make the merge even though she was worried.

Burning The Beans

A storm was brewing at Timbira on Day 16 as the tribe was cooking beans. Since Coach apparently likes to cook them a bit longer to make the food softer, he added river water to the pot. That’s when the rain let loose and instead of tending to the beans, Coach joined the others in the hut. When the rain stopped, the beans had burned and stuck to the bottom of the pot. “It’s almost like eating charcoal,” Debbie said.


The group was extremely frustrated that they lost that much food. In a confessional, Coach said there was no need to point the blame at anybody because it was just a combination of bad luck. But he did ask the group to forgive him even though he felt the subject was trivial.

The Pig Toss

At the Reward Challenge, the tribes arrived and were told they would have five minutes to build a barricade within a wooden frame. When the barricade building was finished, the tribes then had to throw ceramic pigs through the mess of wood to the other side. The tribe with the most pigs tossed through intact after 10 minutes would win the Reward — a relaxing afternoon barbecue at a waterfall.


Erinn sat out for Timbira as the tribes battled to make an impenetrable barricade. After the time was up, Timbira’s barricade looked much better. The pig-tossing began. If one broke or was dropped, it didn’t count. Timbira was the first to score and then got on a roll scoring two more.


As the tossing continued, the Survivors let out sounds of pain because the ceramic pigs hurt when they caught them. After several minutes, it was tied with eight points apiece. It was neck and neck with only 30 seconds left — the score was tied at 13 all. With one second left, Timbira scored a final point and nabbed the win.


Timbira chose to send Joe to Exile Island. Joe then selected to take Erinn along with him, effectively removing her from participating in the Reward she had just won.

Burgers & Bonds

Timbira arrived at a picnic setup near a beautiful waterfall to see loads of food. They chowed down on burgers, which Brendan compared to Heaven. After filling their bellies up on the variety of food, they all jumped into the river and partied like a bunch of college kids.

While Timbira was having a blast, Erinn and Joe arrived at the desolate Exile Island. Each of them selected a jar and Erinn picked the one that had the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol. She quickly realized there were two Idols — one at each camp.

As Joe worked to spark a fire, they talked about the personalities from their own tribes. Moments later, she told Joe about the clue and how an Idol is back at each camp. “I’m hoping that Joe turns out to be a trustworthy individual,” she said.

Concocting An Idol Creation

Back at Jalapao, Stephen and Taj realized that Joe would have enough clues to find the hidden Idol back at treemail. So they gathered up some supplies and created a fake one. “Hopefully I will be able to throw Joe off,” Taj said. She took her creation and hid it in the back of the treemail statue where she found the real Idol days before.

After hiding her real Idol back at camp, JT found it by accident inside an empty bag he was going to bring along for a fishing trip. After some discussion, Stephen convinced Taj to show the real Idol to JT. “That is beautiful,” he said. “I can’t believe it’s the real Immunity Idol.” She told him that she didn’t want either him nor Stephen to leave the game prematurely. So she said that he could have the Idol if he ever needed it. She, JT and Stephen sat down at the shelter and joined hands, thus making an agreement to go to the end of the game together.

Shooting For The Idol

At the Immunity Challenge, both tribes arrived to compete as Erinn and Joe returned from Exile. One at a time, each tribe used a slingshot in an attempt to break a tile, which would then release sand from a tower. As the sand drained out, the next tile would be revealed and release a bag a puzzle of pieces. Once all three bags of puzzle pieces were obtained, two tribe members had to put it together. The first tribe to do so would win Immunity.


JT and Tyson took the slingshots and started firing marlbes at the tiles. Tyson connected first and nabbed a bag of puzzle pieces. JT hit a tile just moments later. After they fired a few more shots, JT pulled ahead for Jalapao by hitting the second tile. A few minutes later, Tyson tied things up when he obliterated his second tile. After firing a few more shots, Tyson broke the final tile and Timbira pulled ahead as Brendan and Erinn worked on the puzzle.

Timbira sucessfully completed their puzzle and won Immunity shortly after Jalapao started putting theirs together. JT apologized for losing because he wasn’t as good with the slingshot.


The Fake Idol Is Found

After the challenge, Jalapao returned to camp with downed spirits. JT was extremely apologetic and the group told him not to be worried since he tried his best with the slingshot. But the attention quickly shifted to Joe’s leg — he had hurt it a few days prior and was starting to get an infection. He said it hurt, but that he would be fine. He told the group that he needed some water, but instead rushed off to treemail and grabbed what he thought was a legit hidden Immunity Idol. He grabbed Taj’s fake idol and was completely convinced he was in possession of the real thing.


With Tribal Council looming, Stephen and JT asked Joe to keep Taj around because she has a tight bond with some of the other tribe members, which they argued could be beneficial to them in the merge. Joe said he had promised Sydney that she would make it to the merge and that he wasn’t going to vote against her.

Moments before Tribal Council, JT said that maybe they should target Taj to get the Idol out of play. That’s when Stephen said she doesn’t even have the Idol in her possession — he had it. So JT felt like he could take out Taj and keep the Idol. “I have no idea what I’m doing,” he said in a confessional. “I’m probably going to decide when I get there. It’s terrible. I’m going to hell.”

Another Sent Packing

The five arrived at Tribal Council and JT said that Jalapao wasn’t looking too good — especially if a merge is on the horizon since they will be down in numbers four to six. Joe said the vote tonight wasn’t only about speculating on the merge, but was more about trust. Taj said she would be able to create relationships with the other tribe if a merge took place, which could be valuable to the others. Sydney said she was the opposite of Taj and has strict loyalties to Jalapao — none to Timbira.

One at a time, the five castaways walked up to the voting booth and cast their ballots. When Probst returned with the votes, nobody played the hidden Immunity Idol and he revealed that Sydney was the sixth person voted off. He snuffed her torch and she walked off into the distance.


Just as the tribes expected, the merge is right around the corner as both groups become one in the next episode. The new buff color? A bright green.

Can Jalapao overcome their numbers disadvantage?

Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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