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Survivor: Tocantins — Sydney’s Adventure

April 03, 2009 02:35 PM by Ryan Haidet


Sydney Wheeler became the sixth person voted off of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands, coming just shy of making the merge. This 24-year-old model from Raleigh, North Carolina, discussed many things with reporters during a conference call. Among many things, Sydney explained how she was almost chosen to be on a previous season, the joy she felt by slamming the castaway she considered to be her rival under water and who she wants to see take the $1 million prize.

Sydney Sent Packing

Although the editing made her seemed surprised, Sydney said she knew her torch was going to be snuffed. “I kind of knew it was coming,” she said. “It wasn’t a blindside or anything. I knew Taj would be a better fit for a merge because she’s made such good friends with Brendan and the other tribe.”


She found out she was going to be voted off about shortly before heading to Tribal Council. “I actually had gone to JT about an hour before we went to Tribal Council because I saw him and Taj and Stephen talking in a little group. So I took him aside and I just wanted to know what his feelings were because earlier that morning he told me that he was for sure voting for Taj.” But later in the day he had a change of heart. “He told me that, ‘Now Taj has a good reason to stay.’ He didn’t tell me she had the Idol. I wasn’t going to hold anything against JT because at least he told me to my face that it was probably going to be me, versus Stephen who told me to my face an hour before that he was voting for Taj.”

Wanted For A Previous Season

Like many castaways picked for the show, Sydney was recruited. “I was at a bar in San Diego called Bar West and one of the casting directors came up to me and gave me her card. A couple weeks later she called me to be on the show. Unfortunately I was in college at that point so I couldn’t do it. But then she called me for this season — about a year later — for this season. She had me come in and do an on-camera interview. A couple days later I was called for final interviews. It was a quick process, but it was really cool because it was all very unexpected.”


Her Portrayal

She was definitely happy to be a contestant, but Sydney said watching herself on television was an interesting experience. “It’s very weird. It’s weird because you have this idea of who you are and what you say and what you’re vocabulary is like — then you see yourself on TV. I am so much more of a Valley Girl than I thought I was. I’m trying to like steer away from that and that’s so what I am (laughs). It’s really neat also because of the fans. There’s so many fans — people you’ve never even met that are supporting you on the show that’s so big. The production is amazing. There’s all these people that go into it and it’s really cool to be on such a fan-favorite show.”


Sydney said she thought it was interesting how her strategy was portrayed. “I think it was funny because they played up my only strategy was flirting. If you know me, my personality is very friendly, very open to people. And very touchy, I don’t hold back. For them to kind of play it up as flirting, I can understand. … I had other strategic qualities, but maybe they just weren’t interesting.”

Thoughts On Others

Her fellow Jalapao tribe member Sandy was one person who really pointed out the flirting. “I think it’s really funny that Sandy got a kick out of me wearing the boxer shorts because she was walking around most of the time in her brown panties and white bra. I know she might not have a 20-year-old body, but still. C’mon lady, you’re criticizing me and you’re wearing the exact same thing. So I thought that was pretty funny on her part. I think she just needed something else to say and she is a crazy lady if you ever talk to her. They never even gave her credit for how crazy she is on TV. Imagine living with her 24 hours a day.”


She even had thoughts about some of the Timbira tribe members. “Debbie — she’s pretty cute and I didn’t realize how spunky of a personality she would have had. And Erinn, how much of an outsider she is. I was not expecting her to kind of be against the tribe. I thought, if anything, that she would play the social game and try to be a part of it even more.”

And she weighed in on the player everybody seems to be talking about — Coach. “I can only judge him from they way they are portraying him, so I hate to be judging. But everyone seems to hate Coach except for Jeff Probst,” she laughs. “Maybe there’s something special about him. I think he is pretty selfish, I think he’s full of himself and I also think maybe he could be a good guy, too. I think he understands where other people are coming from — or he tries to.”


Slammin’ Sierra

The second Immunity Challenge was one Sydney particularly enjoyed. “I really liked the one where we got to wrestle in the water. That one was so much fun because we were all just pumping with adrenaline. Out there, all you wanna do is strangle them (the other tribe) at that point because they’re your enemies. So it was really fun to just take Sierra and smash her into the water. She’s kind of like my rival, ya know. She’s a model from California — a blonde model. It’s really strange to me that they cast two blonde models.”


Her Pick To Win

But she doesn’t seem to want any of those people to win. She has somebody else in mind. “After all the people left, I really want Taj to win. She’s playing a brilliant game I think and I really like her as a person. I think she’s fabulous.”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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