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The Biggest Loser: Nicole Gets Voted Off For The Second Time

April 04, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


This week, The Biggest Loser contestants got a shocking surprise when eliminated players Estella, Nicole, and David showed up. They were told that the player with the most weight loss since leaving the show would be coming back. With 87 pounds lost, Nicole re-joined her fellow contestants with another chance to win the big prize, but she wasn’t around for very long…

Compared to everyone else, Nicole was actually #2 in total weight loss percentage, right behind Tara. Immediately, Nicole’s fellow contestants felt threatened by her weight loss. They started bombarding her with information about the other players, who she can’t trust and who she can.

When it came down to the weigh-in, Nicole had actually gained five pounds! Had she lost any weight, she would have received immunity. However, she was up for elimination with Ron.It came down to a tie, and it was Kristin’s vote thatsent Nicole home, yet again. Some people attribute her weight gain to the enormous amount of stress she was under as soon as she came back on the show.

Nicole went home and was still able to fit into her size 12 wedding dress – that she will happily wear on her big day with fiance and fellow contestant Damien.

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