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Celebrity Apprentice: Viral Challenge!

April 05, 2009 08:04 PM by Candace Young


After the firing of Dennis Rodman last week on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, the remaining competitors are down in the dumps due to the sad nature of Dennis’s departure – the realization that he has a drinking problem. Herschel Walker is hopeful that KOTU can now move forward more successfully. Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia is the charity that Tionne Watkins has chosen, and which will benefit from the ladies’ win last week. Donald Trump meets with the contestants and informs them that Dennis Rodman will be getting some help for his alcohol abuse issue. He then says he is going to mix up the teams. Joan, Natalie, and Khloe will be joining Clint and Herschel to form the new KOTU. The remaining contestants form the new Athena. Donald introduces two of the executives from ALL Detergent. The challenge is for each team to create a video advertisement for ALL that they believe will go viral on the Internet. Team leaders are chosen: Melissa for Athena, and Clint for KOTU!

As Athena brainstorms on Celebrity Apprentice, Jesse James wants to do a biker theme, but Annie comes up with ‘Jesse James Getting Bathed by Midgets’. Jesse, however, refuses to do it, even though the team is convinced that everyone would open that video. KOTU is also brainstorming. Via phone, Herschel suggests that they do a group bath concept, and Clint offers up parents using ‘doing the wash’ as a code word for having sex. The team likes it – a dirty joke!

The ALL executives came to visit Athena to give more details on what they want for the video. Athena members ask if there is anything that is absolutely taboo, and also how important the title will be. KOTU is developing the ‘dirty joke’ theme when they meet with the executives on Celebrity Apprentice. Joan asks if the detergent can be used to wash yourself – the answer is ‘no’. Clint wonders if sexual innuendo would be frowned upon – the reaction tells them that the executives are conservative.

KOTU decides that they have to clean up their concept. Joan says the video has to be outrageous and silly to go viral. Clint feels it must be well produced, causing Joan to blurt, “You are such a man!” As Celebrity Apprentice project manager, Clint doesn’t want to back off from the original idea. Joan feels that he is not listening. Athena is working away. They agree it has to have the ‘wow’ factor, and be outrageous – Tionne shows Jesse how many hits the word ‘midgets’ gets online! Jesse is still against being bathed by midgets – he doesn’t want to embarrass the company – but finally agrees to do it with some conditions. Annie gets on the phone to line up some little people.


When the video people arrive to meet with KOTU, Clint goes to speak to them without the rest of the team – who are very unhappy that he is not listening to them! Joan is frustrated that the others won’t join her in standing up to Clint. Don Jr. goes to meet with team Athena and remarks that he thinks Jesse is in a more comfortable group now. The team tells Don that they will be casting midgets in their video. He is worried that it might be an offensive idea. As they are meeting, the little people arrive. When asked what they think of the concept, the small actors agree it beats being an oompa-loompa!

Back with KOTU on Celebrity Apprentice – they have cast a little person as well – as their ‘small and mighty’ lead role – the man in the laundry room that asks his wife if she wants to do the ‘dirty laundry’ with him! The actor is very nervous and Khloe and Joan start wondering if there is a plan B! Khloe remarks that at this point, she would mud wrestle! Clint decides that the actor isn’t up to the job and they let him go.

Annie and Melissa are having a bit of a battle of wills in the Athena camp. Melissa feels that if Annie can’t be the leader, she at least likes to position herself as the puppet master! Jesse and the little people are roughhousing in the Laundromat as they prepare to shoot the video. KOTU is still puzzling over whether to totally change their concept after letting the small actor go. Clint decides that he will do it himself! Joan and the rest of the team are frustrated and bewildered. Khloe calls it embarrassing! Finally, Joan goes off on Clint demanding to know what is going on. He says he feels she is insubordinate! The women let Clint know it’s not a good day – they don’t want to put their name on this video!

Joan Rivers says that Clint Black has dismissed the women of his team on Celebrity Apprentice – and it’s a good thing because she was ready to knock his head off – she’ll never work with him again! Khloe gets in touch with Herschel to ask when he will be there – she says they have nothing to do! Athena is ready to shoot their video – Jesse is impressed that the little people will be dressed as ALL detergent bottles – it’s hilarious! The small actors aren’t as impressed with the costumes, but the video shoot goes well and the team is happy!


Back with KOTU, Herschel arrives back to Celebrity Apprenctice from his previous engagement just in time for Ivanka’s visit. Joan notes that Ivanka came when it was too late to change anything. Ivanka feels that it is offensive and not funny, and Herschel is amazed at what a mess things are in. He tries to talk to Clint, but he doesn’t listen to him either. Herschel is stunned to see the scene unfold with the woman in lingerie as Clint goes ahead and tapes his scene. Joan Rivers says that she has come to the conclusion that his cowboy hat is too tight!

As KOTU prepares to do the final edit, Herschel comes up with the idea to do some pop-up captions to enhance the humor of the video. Joan thinks it’s a great idea. However, when they go to do the edits, Clint goes in by himself and leaves the rest of the team out! Athena is also doing their final edit and Jesse says he has a lot of confidence in Melissa. He is pleased to see the women laughing as they work on the final product. The team wonders if they should bleep out offensive language, and also decide on a title, ‘Jesse James Dirty with Midgets’.

Clint brings the final product to his team and says he will listen to their input after they watch. Khloe remarks that she feels the video is insulting the product. Herschel still wants captions, and also notes that he doesn’t get it. Joan says it’s slick, but not funny. When Clint still won’t implement their suggested changes, Joan tells him, “Clint you’re a smart man, you’re a bright man, and I hope we never see each other again!”


Donald Trump and the ALL executives watch the videos on Celebrity Apprentice. They watch KOTU’s video starring Clint first. They agree that it is offensive. As they watch Athena’s video, they raise their eyebrows at the sight of the little people. Blogger Perez Hilton weighs in on the videos – he didn’t find KOTU’s video funny, but he did find the Athena video with Jesse James to be humorous. The executives agree that neither of the videos would appeal to women with children. The ALL execs tell Donald that they like the branding in Athena’s video, but the title and bad language were no-nos. The ALL executives liked the pop-up captions in Clint’s video, but said it would alienate the consumer.

Both teams file into the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom to face Donald Trump, Ivanka, and Don Jr. Clint tells Donald that the video turned out better than he thought. Joan says it was disgusting and she didn’t like it at all! Clint says Joan’s ideas weren’t complete – she replies that of course they weren’t – it was a brainstorming session! Natalie adds that after meeting with the ad executives she thought they would all be on the same page that they were on the wrong track, but Clint didn’t agree. Melissa Rivers gets in on the discussion, saying that her mother sometimes doesn’t let people finish a thought, but Clint shouldn’t have tried to tell her what is funny!

Donald has everyone watch both videos on Celebrity Apprentice. Annie says KOTU’s video was terrible! Donald jokes about having the lingerie model come into the boardroom. Natalie laughs as they watch Athena’s video. Donald points out that Perez Hilton liked it too. Jesse says making the video was by far the best team experience he’s had to date on the show! Donald asks why they had the little people swear – and if they thought it was offensive to use the word ‘midget’. Athena says ‘midget’ is one of the top five searched words for viral videos. Donald announces that the ALL executives hated both videos – there is no winner tonight!

Clint and Melissa are each asked to bring two people into the boardroom with them and he will fire two people! Melissa says her team discussed this, and Tionne and Brande both agreed to stand by her. Clint surprises everyone by choosing Khloe and Natalie – and not Joan!


Back in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, Tionne and Brande tell Donald Trump what a great job Melissa did as project manager for Athena. Donald points out that Tionne volunteered to come back into the boardroom more readily than Brande. He tells them the story of Bradford on Apprentice, who volunteered himself for execution and was fired – he then fires Tionne – causing everyone to gasp! Outside the boardroom, Tionne says she was surprised to have been fired, but will always stand up for something she believes in.

Donald faces Clint Black, Natalie, and Khloe. He asks Clint if he wants to be fired – he says he would like to keep playing the game. Donald then asks Natalie if she would like to be fired in order to participate in an upcoming Asian golf tournament – she also says she is committed to Celebrity Apprentice. Khloe is asked by Donald where she was when she briefly left last week – she explains she was had a court-ordered commitment due to a DUI. Donald says he lost respect for her for driving while under the influence – he decides to give $20,000 to her charity so that they don’t suffer for what she did – and then fires her! Outside the room, Khloe tears up and a shocked Clint apologizes to her.

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One Response to “Celebrity Apprentice: Viral Challenge!”

  1. ss46 Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Donald Trump is a great big hypocrite. How dare he criticize Khloe K. and fire her for complying with her court ordered DUI. Who made him holier then thou? The man sells Trump Vodka and owns Trum Bar in New York City. If he is so against drinking, why would he put his name on a Vodka!!!!!!


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