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Survivor: Richard Hatch Claims He Is Innocent

April 05, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Good old Richard Hatch. Remember this guy? Richard was the slick player who back-stabbed his way to the $1 million prize on the first season of Survivor. Well, shortly thereafter Richard was sent to prison for evading taxes on his prize, and last week he pleaded to be released…

Apparently, when Richard was on Survivorhe saw some producers sneaking food to other contestants. Richard threw a little bit of a fit when he discovered that and he was allegedly told that the show would pay his income tax in the event that he won. In Richard’s first court hearing, he claims that his lawyer let him down by not letting the jury know that information and now calling other witnesses who could have verified his story. Hatch is also trying to prove the show was rigged.

Last October, Hatch tried to appeal his sentence, but the U.S. Supreme Court did not consider. Currently, Richard is serving a four year and three month sentence in a West Virgina prison. This time around, Richard is representing himself and on Tuesday he wrote a 43 page memo claiming his innocenceto U.S. District Court Judge William Smith in the U.S. District Courtin Providence. Part of his plea states, “Hatch’s portrayal on Survivor and his media-concocted caricature as villainous and manipulative continue to unfairly bleed into legal proceedings and wield unjust influence.”

The judge should reach a decision on Hatch’s case within the next few months.

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