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Dancing With The Stars Recap 04/06/09: Gilles Goes For The Kill!

April 06, 2009 07:01 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, nine stars remain after last week’s double elimination and tonight they dance the romantic Viennese Waltz or the dramatic dance of the bullfight, the Pasadoble. Tom Bergeron asked us whose Viennese Waltz will put the competition in a spin and whose Pasadoblewill blow us away.


First up tonight onDancing With The Starswere country music stars, Chuck and Julianne. Chuck said he was finally going to let his guard down and go for it as he dances the Viennese Waltz. He really did let his guard down and Chuck and Julianne looked amazing as they glided across the dance floor. He bent down on one knee at the end and I thought he may propose…nope!

Len said finally Chuck you have come out of hibernation. Bruno said that Chuck is emerging from the shadows and was really performing. Carrie Ann said that she was going to disagree with these guys and tonight she said that Chuck lost his focus and was not confident. The judges scores for Chuck and Julianne were 7, 8, 8 a score of 23.

Next, the two time Superbowl champion Lawrence and his partner Edyta were dancing the Pasadoble tonight. Lawrence was having difficulty connecting to the Pasasdoble as he could not feel the beat of the dance. He was going to try and focus on the dance with the same intensity as how he played football. Unfortunately, Lawrence looked awkward and stiff instead of commanding.

Bruno said Lawrence what we have here isthe prince of darkness. He said that Lawrence started badly, but did get his feet moving. Carrie Ann said that she feels when Lawrencve dances he has a limited range of movement. Len said that he liked the intensity of the dance. They scored 6, 7, 7 a score of 20.


The next star to dance tonight was Olympic gymnast Shawn and her partner Mark. Tonight she and Mark dance the Viennese Waltz and Mark thought that Shawn had to work on her technique. Her technique looked incredible to me. The dance was flowing and beautiful to watch.

Carrie Ann said that sometimes simplicity in the routine leads to success. Len said that they showed the romance of the dance, but he thought the footwork was a little off. Bruno said don’t worry my darling you are sweetness and light, it was beautiful. Their scores were 9, 8, 9 a score of 26.

Melissa and Tony took to the floor next with a Pasadoble. Melissa said that the character of the dance is really hard for her and in order for her to dance the routine she would have to be good and angry. There seemed to be a lack of connection between them and she broke character when she made a mistake, but their routine was hot.

Len said that Melissa dealt with the dance very well, but there were blunders. Bruno said Carmen the bulging heart breaker. Most of the dance was beautiful, butyou lostyour concentration. Carrie Ann said the dance was dymanic, but was a little off balance. They received scores of 8, 8 and 9 a score of 25.


The fourth star to dance tonight was comedian David and his professional dancer Kym. They were taking on the Viennese Waltz tonight and David was hoping to move out of the middle and bam! He was focused and as they danced he really was in the character and mood of the routine.

Bruno said, David the spell worked at times, but the second timeyou liftedyour legsyou looked like a dog at a light post. Carrie Ann said that they are disconnected and can’t get lost in it. Len said it started with a shout and lost it in the middle, butyou came back to it in the end. The dance was well performed and had a good story to it. Their score was 7, 8, 7 a score of 22.

Next on the floor is the couple that received the first perfect score of this season, Gilles and Cheryl. Tonight they were dancing the Pasadoble. Gilles was excited because he loves martial arts and hoped to bring that intensity to the dance. Gilles and Cheryl were Holy, Holy, Holy…Hot!

Carrie Ann said that the dance was breathtaking and she feels like she is watching someone take it back to the core of the dance and they bring to life the heart and soul of the dance. Len thought it had passion but was a tad hectic in places. Bruno said Gilles you are going for the kill. You nailed it. They received 10, 9, 10 a 29 out of 30.


Jackass star Steve-O and Lacey were dancing the Viennese Waltz. He feels like a winner regardless of how he dances and tonight he to me hedanced well.

Len said it was his best dance. Bruno said that the timing was on tonight. Carrie Ann said that they brought a beautiful emotional quality to the dance tonight. Their scores tonight were 6, 6 and 6 a score of 18.

Ty and Chelsie were up next dancing a Pasadoble. As Ty is a bullrider, he should do well! Ty said that it is a man’s dance. He looked like he was trying too hard to be tough and lacked rythmn.

Bruno said Ty you did it all, but you were too robotic. Carrie Ann said where did my little dancer go? Len said that some dances are not right up your alley and are not your cup of tea, but this dance is still better than your Cha,cha,cha. They scored 7, 7 and 7 a total of 21.


The final dance tonight is from Lil’ Kym and Derek. They were dancing a Vienesse Waltz. Lil’ Kim was stressed because she had a dance video to do and a photo shoot along with rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars. She hoped that she would be able to put it all together tonight. Their routine was sweet.

Carrie Ann said they brought every moment to life and that her and Derek are perfectly matched. Len said that the dance had a great flow and good musicality. Bruno said that he didn’t see anyone make the Vienesse Waltz look sassy and sexy and she did. She is in total harmony with her partner. The judges gave them 9, 8 and 9 a score of 26.

Tomorrow night,Dancing With The Starsreturns with another elimination at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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