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The Biggest Loser Couple Grants One Loser All The Power

April 07, 2009 07:23 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser continues to surprise with the amount of weight loss on the giant scale each and every week but this week the Losers take a giant step backward when temptation rears its ugly head. All of the glorious foods that got the Losers to the ranch to begin with make a visit and the surprising results of who succumbs will leave you scratching your head as to why they would jeopardize their progress.

With the betrayal of Ron still stinging, Kristin announced that it was a “Brand new game.” Sione told Ron that he was thinking about himself and that it was no more about alliances. With Sione and Filipe leading the opposition, the lines were drawn in the sand and there was definitely a new edge to the game. What was the surprising aspect of all of it was how Ron came across as the “Godfather” of the house when all along he had been portrayed as a gentle giant all season long.

The next day had host, Allison Sweeney, meeting the losers in the gym surrounded by a plethora of silver trays. After announcing that they had seen few temptations, Allison said that at the end of this challenge was the biggest prize given away inThe Biggest Loser history.


The temptation involved 100 trays of fatty foods and a golden ticket that would give all of the power to the person who found it as they would have the only vote at elimination if they stayed above the yellow lines themselves.

The Losers were insistent that they were just looking for the golden ticket as they ate their weight in junk food but it was Ron was the first to find gum with cash and pocketed a cool $1500.00. As the Losers continued to stack up the calories, many of the Losers were easily over 2500 calories for the challenge.

With Tara going over the 5000 calorie intake by herself, the group intake collectively went over the 17,000 mark. The carnage was worse than when the Blue Team had a reward at the fancy spa a few weeks ago. Finally, Laura found the Golden Ticket ensuring that Tara would not be going home if she went below the yellow line, providing Laura did not go below the yellow line herself.


The trainers went ballistic when they learned what happened at the challenge. Jillian was incredulous knowing that the Losers were supposed to be role models and Filipe’s excuse that he wanted the power sent Bob into the stratosphere and he said that he was glad they felt bad after eating so much junk food.

The next shot in the gym was funny as Bob and Jillian decided to team up to make them suffer as a result of their insolence in the junk food challenge. It seemed as if there was more sweat and anguish on the face of the Losers than anytime this season. Helen best summed it up when she said that she would, “Never eat another cupcake again.” We doubt that, Helen, but we are certain that you will never eat that many again.


Golden ticket holder, Laura, had breakfast in bed served by Kristin in a colossal suck-up scene and Laura was definitely relishing her moment in the spotlight. Jillian had a Subway visit planned for her team and they were surprised when father/daughter, Jerry and Colleen from last season, were there to give advice on eating healthy away from the ranch.

Rose Bowl was the setting for the next torture, I mean, challenge, as Allison told the Losers that they were going to play a game in the Rose Bowl. Of course, it was not football they were playing but stair-running as it was boys vs girls as they tackled the 2150 stairs in the stadium.

Tara had a pretty decent strategy and seemed to be not suffering the effects of the calories she consumed at the last challenge and Sione was leading for the guys. Sione and Tara reached the center of the field first and were facing off in a finale as it looked like the race car challenge all over but this time a trip to a spa was up for grabs.


Sione decided to start very strong and was taking two steps at a time while Tara set a steady pace and lagged behind Sione at the beginning. It was a cat-and-mouse game as the two were virtually tied with their flags as they headed towards the center of the field but Tara pulled out another victory over Sione at the end as Sione just can’t seem to finish strong.

With gameplay set on full, Helen, Sione and Filipe stated to work on Kristin and Laura trying to get them to partner with them, even to the point of trying to get Laura to consider voting off her own partner, Tara. Hopefully, Laura would never do that to Tara, one would think, butThe Biggest Loser does strange things to people as the $250,000 prize looms ever so close.


The Last Chance Workout was as brutal as one could imagine as Jillian tortured her team of Mike, Laura, Helen and Tara. Jillian was beating into them that they should stop worrying about who was voting for whom and who had a strategy about this or that and just concentrate on staying above the yellow line. Bob had no mercy either, thinking that Sione had lost that fighting edge and wanted him to concentrate on staying above the yellow line or, for sure, he would be gone.

The Weigh-In

Allison again talked about the importance of the yellow line and how close they were to the grand prize and that there would only be one vote cast this week by Laura. Mike was nine pounds away from a Biggest Loser record of total weight loss at the ranch, so he was headed to the scales first to see if he would lose the nine he needed.

Mike lost 5 pounds for a 1.98% weight loss

Ron lost 9 pounds for a 2.85% weight loss

Tara lost 3 pounds for a 1.59% weight loss

Kristin lost 6 pounds for a 2.39% weight loss

Helen lost 2 pounds for a 1.17% weight loss

Filipe lost 7 pounds for a 2.70% weight loss

Sione lost 4 pounds for a 1.54% weight loss

Laura lost 8 pounds for a 3.76% weight loss

Sione and Helen were going to the elimination room with Laura in complete control after by keeping herself above the yellow line and losing the most percentage of weight loss for the night. It was a tough decision for Laura and Helen was really sucking up to Laura saying how much she wanted to stay. Laura had to be thinking about how Helen wanted her to get rid of Tara if she fell below the yellow line earlier in the week but the real decision would be who would be the bigger threat, Sione or Helen, in the final weeks.


With only one vote cast and no flimsy excuses to be heard as to the reason the Losers were sending one of their own home, Laura sent Sione packing having pretty kind words for he and Helen. Laura said that her decision was not based on game play but that strictly from a threat standpoint as to the reason he was going home.

Sione was truly a changed man as result ofThe Biggest Loser and it has truly turned his life in a hole new direction. Sione topped out the scales at over 372 pounds when he first came to the ranch and now comes in at around 235 and is studying to be a personal trainer.

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