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Hell’s Kitchen Sends Home A Strong Chef And Ends In A Shocker

April 09, 2009 07:23 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen shakes it up as the Boys and Girls and Giovanni become one cohesive unit as they start that final trek to the final dinner service. Well, cohesive is a relative term here as this isHell’s Kitchen but we are sure that by the end of this evening’s show, things will definitely not be the same as the tension of getting to that final service to become the Head Chef for Borgata in Atlantic City starts to wear on all of the chefs.

Ben and Robert knew they had definitely dodged a bullet as Carol left in a surprise last week and Chef Ramsay gathered the chefs once again and asked the girls and the guys who was the weakest chefs among them and Ben and Andrea were singled out. After Chef Ramsay told them to take off their jackets and the look on both of their faces was priceless. After a brief scare, Ramsay told them they were the final six and they were now individuals and would be competing as such.

Their first challenge was to take the same fourteen ingredients and to be creative and create a dish that would impress Chef Ramsay. Andrea was first up and failed to impress Chef Ramsay and, based on Ramsay’s overall impression of the other dishes; she looks like she is very weak. Ramsay like Giovanni’s dish; said Paula’s was good; Told Robert his dish was a bit dry but had great taste; Really liked Danny’s dish and even though Ben talked way too much about the work that went into his dish, impressed Chef Ramsay.


Ben and Danny were the final two and Chef Ramsay liked Danny’s sauce but Ben’s preparation and overall quality of his dish sent him and Robert off to San Francisco with Chef Ramsay. Danny was not pleased that he was the runner up and yet he still had to spend the day prepping for dinner service and unloading delivery trucks thinking that he should have been picked to go with Ben.

Back in the kitchen, the once-strong Giovanni seemed to be losing a couple of steps as he struggled to continue to be on the outside of victory acting like he never enjoyed a reward. Truth be told, Giovanni did seem to miss out on some rewards after being shipped to the women but he also enjoyed a couple as well. Hey, no body likes a poor loser. What was worse was that Giovanni’s bad attitude was doing nothing for the morale of the other chefs.


The final six were scrambling to get ready for dinner service and Chef Ramsay expected a dinner service worthy of champions and told them that they had to show him why they deserved to stay in Hell’s Kitchen. Robert started out poorly when he overcooked the scallops and Andrea was already catching the ire of Chef Ramsay.

Giovanni was at the meat station and struggled with Ben’s winning chicken dish when many of the plates failed the watchful eye of Chef Ramsay. Andrea had finally gotten so befuddled by what she was doing, that Chef Ramsay sent her through the dinning room like he was sending her out of the completion with his famous, “Piss off” quote.


Jean-Philippe gave Andrea a pep talk and went back in to redeem herself and Chef Ramsay told her to get back to her station. Giovanni’s cool demeanor final snapped when he lipped off to Chef Ramsay and after the two going back and forth, it looked like Giovanni had given up altogether. Ben had his share of heartbreak as well and after two hours into the service, communication completely broke down between the six chefs. The crÃme al la crÃme was when Robert got burned by an errant pan being carried around by Giovanni and stormed off winning in pain.

The stations failed one after another and Chef Ramsay was finally the one to leave the kitchen as he threw his towel in disgust. Of all of the Chefs, Paula was called the most consistent of the night by Chef Ramsay and told her to pick two to come before him for possible elimination.


Paula singled out Andrea and Giovanni to go before Chef Ramsay telling him that both of them had faltered in the kitchen tonight. Chef Ramsay said that they were not the only two who had a bad night in the kitchen and singled out Robert as a possibility for being sent home.

Chef Ramsay said that the person going home for all of the right reasons was Giovanni, which was a shocker as Giovanni was one of the strongest chefs in the beginning of the competition. Andrea had a scare when Ramsay that he was not finished with her thinking she was going next, but sent her back into line. Chef Ramsay had one more surprise for the chefs at 2:41 am when he called the chefs and told them to meet him in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay told them that on the back of the bad performance, he had decided to close downHell’s Kitchen with a true “To be continued” starring at us in the face.

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