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American Idol: Diana DeGarmo’s Stalker Is Denied Bail

April 10, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Remember Diana DeGarmo? Shewas an American Idolfinalist way back in season three and since went on to perform in the Broadway musical Hairspray. Unfortunately, some people remember Diana very well. Recently, 23 year oldTanya Quattrocchi, the woman accused of stalking DeGarmo over the internet, was charged with six additional offences and refused bail.

According to the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, Tanya went to trial last year for the stalking case against DeGarmo, but she was also arrested again this year for six new counts of stalking. She has been in custody since January. Allegedly, Tanya was accused of stalking not only DeGarmo, but her mother and housemate as well.

The charges also include the stalker posing as DeGarmo after hacking into her email and MySpace accounts. It was reported that Tanya hacked into DeGarmo’s MySpace over 700 times over eight months, sending nasty emails and changing things on her profile. Tanya submitted an posted for bail last Thursday, but was denied because the defendants are claiming this was a ongoing three year attack. They feel that there would be a high risk that Tanya would interfere with witness on the case if released.

The stalker’smother said, “Tanya is not a bad person, she might have made a stupid mistake and I want to help her. I can’t see her surviving prison life. She just doesn’t fit in there.” Well, perhaps she should have considered that before committing a crime.

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