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America’s Next Top Model: Sandra Talks About Her Elimination

April 10, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


She may not have been liked by many of other girls on this season of America’s Next Top Model, but Sandra Nyanchoka didn’t care either. From the beginning, she made it very clear that she was there to win and didn’t care about making friends. A bit cocky and argumentative, Sandra was a source of drama and controversy in the house. See what she had to say after being eliminated…

Shortly after leaving the show, Sandra was asked abouthow she was portrayed in the houseand she responded,”No. I’m like a really sweet girl. I’m really nice and I don’t feel like it did [portray me accurately]. That’s why I feel like people shouldn’t judge me based on what they see on the show.” We all know that Sandra didn’t lighten up very much either, rather she was completely focused on winning (and point out why the others shouldn’t).

She continued, “I feel like [people] just need to not take it so seriously because it is TV. Everything’s overly exaggerated. It is reality TV, you know? People should not judge me based on that, because the first episode, unfortunately I got into an argument with one of the semifinalists and that was just me standing up for myself and it was edited to look like I started the whole thing. They shouldn’t judge me by that.”

Of course, Sandra feels the judges made a gross mistake by eliminating her, even though she never gave them anything but a profile picture. She remarks, “I kinda feel like they did [make a mistake eliminating me], but then again I don’t know. I feel like Allison was one of the girls, like, she always had the same face through all of her pictures. I don’t know, I just think they wanted me to go home.” But in the next breath she says that if she could pick a favored winner, it would be Allison.

On future plans, Sandra says, “I’m gonna continue modeling, but I eventually wanna be a journalist. I’ve always loved writing and in school I was part of the [newspaper], and I was news anchor for my school news, and I always did stuff like that. But modeling is my passion and I will continue doing that as long as well.”

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photo credit: cwtv.com

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