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The Bachelorette: New Season Premieres May 18, 2009

April 11, 2009 10:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Jillian Harris was a favorite among everyone, includingJason Mesnick,on the last season of The Bachelor.However, in the end, Jillian was dumped after Jason just didn’t see them moving past good friends – in spite of their steamy makeout sessions in thehot tub. As it turns out, this was definitely for the best, and now Jillian gets to do the choosing because she is The Bachelorette!

Right after Jillian was rejected by Jason, she had an interview with The Insider. At the time, they asked her how she felt about the possibility of becoming the next bachelorette. Her response at the time was: “Part of me says, ‘Jill, stop while you are ahead. Now that you have done this and learned a lot about yourself, do it the old-fashioned way.’ The old-fashioned way hasn’t really been working for me, so the other part of me says, ‘Jill, just go ahead and do it. You are an adventure seeker. Give it a shot and maybe you can find him that way.’ I think I have to sleep on it — and maybe have a glass of wine.”

Well we all know the ending to that story. On the finale of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison announced that they wanted Jillian to be the next bachelorette and she said yes. The 29 yr. old restaurant interior designer will be sitting in the drivers seat starting May 18 at 9 pm ET/8CT, when she will have 25 eligible bachelors to choose from. Hopefully this time around Jillian will be able to find love without getting her heart brokenagain by men who have no idea what they want!

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