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Dancing With The Stars Recap 04/13/09: Alive And Kicking

April 13, 2009 07:02 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, as the competition reaches the half-way point everyone is upping their game to prove they have what it takes to stay in the ring. As the dancers take to the ballroom floor, there will be kicks to blow your mind in the Jive and get ready for sexy time in the sultry Rumba.


The first competitors tonight are Ty and Chelsie, dancing the all American Jive. Ty has great difficulty not being robotic in his movements, but he promises to give it all he has tonight. His Jive however looked more like a country line dance and his kicks and flicks were more like bunting a horse to get moving.

Len said that Ty is charming and is bewildered as to what he is doing here. He gives 100%, but unfortunately his dancing wasn’t that good. Bruno said the line dancing was good, and then the Jive started. Carrie Ann said that the dancing was exciting, but unfortunately Ty shows how some dances are better suited for each competitor and this dance wasn’t for him. The judges gave Ty and Chelsie triple 6′s an 18 out of 30.

Next Shawn and her pro partner Mark Ballas were getting their romance on as they dance a sexy rumba. Shawn said that she is going to have difficulty with the sexiness of the dance as she is only seventeen and she was sad because she was missing her prom this year, so Mark re-created it for her. Their dance was sexy and seventeen!

Bruno said that the dance was so beautifully pure it was almost angelic. Carrie Ann said that she thinks innocence is a beautiful thing and she could see the discomfort in her eyes a little bit. Len said that the Rumba is a bit like a fire and sometimes it is a bit too hot and they got it just right. The judges gave them 8, 8 and 9 a 26 out of 30.

The third couple to dance tonight on Dancing With The Stars was the couple that danced in the dance-off last week, Lawrence and Edyta. Lawrence was unable to smile as he wasn’t getting his groove on with the steps in the Jive so dancing King, Warren Sapp, came in to visit and gave Lawrence some inspiration.

Carrie Ann said that LT got his groove back. Len said thatLawrence captured the style of the dance and came out and showed us the lighter side of his personality. Bruno said Lawrence is alive and kicking!
They received 7, 7 and 8 a 22 out of 30.


Next up tonight is the Bachelor star, Melissa and her partner Tony. They were dancing the Rumba and Tony wanted her to ooze sexuality. Melissa was embracing the character full out.Melissa really did get into the character…beautiful!

Len said it was clean and precise, but it could be a bit more earthy. Bruno said Melissa you are so voluptuous and so exotic itwas so effortless to watch. What I want to see in the future is Melissa the man-eater. Carrie Ann said that what really impressed her about the dance is the emotional quality she brought to it. They received triple 9′s a 27 out of 30.

Lil’ Kim was up next dancing the Jive with Derek. Derek added a lot of flavor to tha dance and Kim was surprised that she struggled with the dance. Derek took her to a hopping burger joint with classic cars. Their dance, oh my…breasts. Derek is dressed like a prisoner and Lil’ Kim a copper. Hard choreography and thank goodness no costume malfunction!

Bruno said rockin’ Kim I am guilty, arrest me. Carrie Ann said WAAAAAAAHOOOOO and lost her diamond bracelet. Len said it was fun and had energy, but it lacked a lot of Jive that he would like to see. The judges gave them 10, 8 and 10 a 28 out of 30. Len wasn’t as impressed!


Steve-O and Lacey came out to show their sexy side tonight with a Rumba. Steve-O said that he was going to go out and give all the viewers the love. Steve-O had gas problems and more challenging problems getting romantic with Lacey, so they brought in his dog Boogie. He found the passion in a comedic sort of way!

Carrie Ann said that there was something oddly mesmerizing about watching him dance and it is a beautiful thing to see. Len said you can’t confuse movement with dancing, it was no good. Bruno said thank God for racy Lacey, but the dancing is bad. The judges scores were 7, 4 and 5 a score of 16 out of 30.

Next Gilles and his partner Cheryl were dancing the Jive. Gilles had difficulty not being sexy of course. Cheryl took him out to play some soccer and help him with his kicks! His dance was okay, but he definately shines in the sexy dances!

Len said that there were a lot of the qualities he wants to see in the dance, but he found the whole thing a little frantic. Bruno said any faster he would have been dancing the speed of light and he needs to watch the sharpness so he doesn’t look like a mad squirrel. Carrie Ann said that he can do sexy and fast, but his arms looked a little weird tonight? They received 9,8 and 9 a 26 out of 30.


The last dancers tonight are Chuck and Juliannedancing the Rumba. Chuck was worried that the judges would think that they didn’t have any chemistry and that was very hard for himbeing a real couple. Julianne took Chuck back to where they had their first date and first kiss to bring back the romance. Chuck hoped to bring a connection. Their dance was holy heat!

Bruno said Chuck I want some more of that please, you switched on the raunch factor. Carrie Ann said that was the most passionate dance of the night. Len said for him parts of that were more suitable for the bedroom than the ballroom. They received 8, 7 and 8 a 23 out of 30.

Tomorrow night,Dancing With The Starsreturns at9 PM ET on ABCwith another elimination.

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