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Hell’s Kitchen Loses Another To Health Reasons

April 16, 2009 07:24 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen is down to three men and two women with Andrea looking weak for the women and Danny surging as a surprise for the men’s team as Robert and Ben continue their love/hate relationship with each other. With Chef Ramsay expecting a better performance from the streamlined team of chefs, they must convince Chef Ramsay that keepingHell’s Kitchen up and running was indeed a good idea at the next service. And now, the continuation ofHell’s Kitchen,

The chefs were shocked that Chef Ramsay would shut it down but they were even more shocked when Chef Ramsay said they were all going to Atlantic City to the Borgata Hotel to see what was at stake for the winner. The chefs were then whisked away to the Borgata to feast their eyes on the prize that awaited the winner and they were treated as vanquishing conquerors.

The chefs were taken on a tour and it finally set in as to the scope of the job that lies ahead for the winner. They were then taken into their restaurant space that was under development for the winner and it set it all into focus as each of the chefs imagined what would be in their restaurant. You could see that Robert seemed very intimidated as he got up and excused himself from the meeting with the head chef of the Borgata and went to seek medical attention. Evidently the excitement was way too much for the big guy as he was taken by ambulance to a local medical center at the close of the segment.


The chefs winged their way back toHell’s Kitchen with still no word on Robert’s condition and Chef Ramsay then had Robert come out and explain that he had a condition that that would lead to his early dismissal from the competition. Sadly, Robert headed out of the door and Chef Ramsay gave him a great compliment when he said that he could have won it all. Besides the funny comments we could always count on from Robert, the four remaining chefs knew that a fierce competitor was gone.

Chef Ramsay then told the chefs that they were to prepare a signature dish and that the winner would be safe from elimination and guarantees themselves a spot in the final three. The chefs had forty-five minutes to prove to Ramsay that they had what it took to win with their signature dish and gain an easy spot at the next elimination. Danny was the first up with a scallop dish and Chef Ramsay loved it; Andrea’s tuna dish really impressed, for once; Paula’s salmon was seasoned 100% correct, as Chef Ramsay said and Ben finished up, confident as ever with his offering, but Chef Ramsay was not as impressed as he was, it seemed. In the end, Chef Ramsay chose Andrea in a shocker as she finally pulled out a crucial win.


Chef Ramsay warned Andrea not to drop the ball tonight to make sure he did not make a mistake in giving her a space in the final three and was impressed with the way the final four were communicating with each other at the beginning of the service. Andrea had some problems with her scallops, which have been trouble for every dinner service to date and Ben was having his own troubles when he delivered cold puree to Chef Ramsay. Ben then went into a seemingly catatonic state as he seemed to zone out in front of Chef Ramsay.

Ben continued to struggle as Chef Ramsay had to give him a quick cooking lesson as it seemed he was loosing steam in the eyes of Chef Ramsay. Finally his lackadaisical attitude had Ramsay giving him the “Get out” shout and it was not clear if he was done for good or not.


Ben pulled his act together and went back into the kitchen to prove that he belonged. Andrea’s fish station was again at the heart of controversy when her fish started to come back undercooked. Paula and Ben seemed to get into a groove and Danny was sent into the fish station to give Andrea a hand in getting the fish out to the patrons.

Poor Andrea could not catch a break and it was clear that if she was not safe at the elimination, she would certainly be gone at the end of the night’s service. Of course, this is Hells’ Kitchen and Chef Ramsay could always change his mind because, well, he is Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Even with all of the problems the four had, they at least finished. Chef Ramsay said that the dinner service was embarrassing and sent the chefs up to choose two to be put in front of him to be eliminated. The chefs were arguing knowing that no one wanted to be up. Andrea put up Ben for his awful service and Paula because of her lack of communication with the team.


Chef Ramsay immediately sent Paula back into line and called Andrea to the front, shocking her and the rest of the chefs as she thought she was safe. But he is Chef Ramsay,and, well, I told you so. Chef Ramsay said that she couldn’t handle her station and made Ben look bad, which wasn’t fair to him.

Ben told Chef Ramsay not to give up on him and Chef Ramsay told Andrea that he wanted to wake up with a clear conscience tomorrow and since she cooked so poorly he could not send Ben home just yet and gave the four another chance to redeem themselves at the next service.


You can bet that Andrea will be on the hot-seat as temperatures rise both before and during the next dinner service and the ultimate prize looms before them all on the nextHell’s Kitchen.

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