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Survivor: Tocantins — Big Stories, Big Blindside

April 16, 2009 07:49 PM by Ryan Haidet


The rift among the former Timbira tribe was obvious in tonight’s episode of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands as two power players — Coach and Brendan — targeted each other. With strategy, crazy stories and whitewater rafting, this episode seemed to have a bit of everything — including two of the most boring challenges of all time. Ready for a game of toss, anyone?

Coach’s Amazon Adventure

Night 21 at Forza, everybody was still shocked and sad that Joe had been medically evacuated. So to lighten the mood, Coach felt like he could tell the group a story that he felt was much worse — a time he was stuck in the Amazon. He told them he felt he was being watched and then he saw several locals who later pulled him aside, tied him up and beat him with a club. He said he didn’t remember how long it lasted, but he had blacked out. Everybody sat silent as he told the crazy story. In a confessional, Brendan said that Coach could be the biggest fraud the game has ever seen. “If I don’t believe his stories, how can I believe what he’s saying in my face?”

The next day, Coach continued his daily meditation in the water while the rest of the tribe looked on. “He’s like a snake ready to strike,” Tyson joked. Coach then walked back to the group and gave a funky explanation of the style of meditation he was doing.


In a confessional, he nicknamed himself the dragonslayer because he was after Brendan — who he has called the dragon. He then labeled Sierra the bowel movements that come out of the dragon.

A Game Of Toss

At the Reward Challenge, the nine castaways were divided into teams of three — red, white and black. Each team had one row of wooden blocks with ceramic tiles in the center. The task was to throw a ball at the blocks in an effort to break the other teams’ tiles — essentially it was a grown-up version of a bean-bag toss. The last team left with tiles intact would win the reward — an afternoon whitewater rafting with a picnic to follow.

The teams were divided like this:

Red — Taj, Tyson and Coach.

White — Erinn, Stephen and Sierra.

Black — JT, Debbie and Brendan.

After one of the most uneventful and boring challenges in Survivor history, it came down to one tile apiece for the white and black teams. After several tosses, Brendan destroyed the final white tile and won the reward for his team. They then chose to send Stephen to Exile Island — the first person to go alone. “Be the wizard,” Coach told him as he headed off on his own.

Ummm…OK. Survivor meets Harry Potter, I guess.

A Fire Is Born & Riding The Rapids

Stephen arrived at Exile Island and started work to spark a fire. He looked exhausted as he struggled with the flint and steel and it didn’t seem as if he would be successful as the sun started to set. But his persistence paid off and a blaze was born. “Damn, I can build a fire!” Stephen said excitedly. “It was like giving birth to my first child.” He was so proud of the fire that he said it was like winning his own reward.

Meanwhile, Brendan, JT and Debbie were rafting the rapids. “I felt just like a little kid,” JT said. After rushing through the water, they arrived at their picnic and dug into chicken wings, sandwiches and brownies. “I had a really good day,” JT said. “There wasn’t a dull moment at all.”


Two Giants Plan For Blindsides

Back at camp on Day 24, a storm was brewing between two of the game’s biggest competitors — Coach and Brendan. Brendan hadn’t slept a wink because he said his mind was racing with thoughts on how to get Coach out. So he pitched a plan to Sierra that included everybody else in voting off Coach, Tyson and Erinn.

A Tangled, Twisting Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge each player was attached to a rope that was snaked around various obstacles. The first three to finish unwinding themself around all the wooden obstacles would move on to the final leg — where the rope was wrapped around a structure three levels high.


As the first round of the contest got off to a start, it was a tight race between Tyson, JT and Sierra. After several minutes of flopping around in the dirt, JT and Tyson were the first two to finish. In a tight race, Brendan edged out Sierra and joined the other two men in the final round.

Each of the three guys climbed up and around the tall wooden frame — but Tyson was the best and took his second Immunity win in a row.

After the challenge, Tyson’s new alliance said they were holding to the plan to blindside Brendan. But Brendan wasn’t ready to go just yet. He said himself, Sierra, JT, Stephen and Taj were ready to blindside Coach.

Who would stay true to their word?

Another Useless Idol

At Tribal Council, Coach’s stories surfaced and he claimed they were actually toned down to keep things a bit more PG-13. And when host Jeff Probst questioned him, Coach defended all of his stories — he had been captured by tribesman, survived a hurricane and so on. “They cannot question my integrity and my honesty,” Coach said. After some banter about strong competitors versus weak competitors, Probst went around to each of the contestants and asked who had found the hidden Idol. Everybody said they didn’t have it, but Brendan quickly shot his hand into the air and said he had found one.

Shortly after that idiotic move, everybody voted.When it came time to play the Idol, Brendan simply sat back and sipped on his canteen. That move brought excitement from Coach and Tyson winked and smiled at each other. As the votes were counted down, Tyson and Coach couldn’t stop smiling. Their plan worked — with four votes, Brendan was the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. He’s now the first member of the jury.


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

Stay tuned to RealityTVMagazine.com every Friday for interviews with the latest person voted off of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. Check out an interview with Joe Dowdle who was the seventh person eliminated.

And in case you missed it, you can watch a video containing images of what took place in the first 15 days (Courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS).

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One Response to “Survivor: Tocantins — Big Stories, Big Blindside”

  1. Snakedance Says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 10:19 pm


    I’ve had it:

    I’ve just lost any residual interest in any further episodes of Tocantins.

    Poor little JT, bless his ingenuous heart, has his brain up his butt.
    Erinn and Taj have dim-wittedly assumed the same posture in this game. Brendan shot himself in the foot early, by failing to divulge to his would-have-been allies the heartfelt sentiment for each of them that he shared only with the audience.

    I despise Tyson, Ben, Stephen.

    I’ll not squander another moment more with Survivor for quite some time.

    2213 Thu 16 Apr 2009


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