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Amazing Race 14: Fights Break Out In China

April 19, 2009 10:12 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on CBS‘s The Amazing Race, thefive remaining teams will travel to China, where tensions rise between contestants.It starts at one of theclue boxeswhentwoof the teams start pushing each other around and then it continues later at the pit stop.Mark and Mikewill bestarting outthis leg with a four hour penalty and a speed bump, will they be able to recover?

The show starts in Bangkok, Thailand “the Venice of the East.” Margie and Luke, of course, are the first to depart for Guilin, China. They end up getting tickets on a flight that leaves in about one hour, and they don’t think the other teams will have a chance to get on it. Jamie and Cara are the next to leave, and they are having mounting frustrations with the language barrier.

Tammy and Victor and Jamie and Cara end up on a flight together and depart after Margie and Luke. Kesha and Jen get on the third flight out, meanwhile, Mike and Mark are trailing four hours behind everyone due to their penalties. Because of a delay in the flights, Tammy and Victor, Margie and Luke, and Cara and Jamie catch up to each other and end up on the same connecting flight. Tammy and Victor are feeling they have a significant advantage because they both speak Mandarin.

Cara and Jamie are the first to reach the clue box and it instructs them to travel to the #24 Bridge. Kesha and Jen and Margie and Luke spot the clue box at the same time, but Luke runs up and grabs it first, shoving Kesha out of the way. She calls him a bitch, which he didn’t realize until his mom explained it to him later. Now the two teams are officially at war!


Tammy and Victor are the first team to reach The Amazing Race road block: one team member must take a raft to the middle of the river, where they will train birds to retrieve ten fish. Then when Kesha and Jen and Margie and Luke arrive at the road block, they get into another fight! Jen races toward the clue box and pushes Luke out of the way much in the same way he did to her. They exchange words again.

The other team members watch from a boat as their partners train the fish. All teams are on the water except for Mark and Mike, who’ve just encountered their speed bump. They must clean and dry two customer’s hair in a local salon before moving on. Most of the teams are picking up the bird training quite well, except Luke gets bitten by one of the birds.

Kesha and Jen are the first to move on to their next clue, at the Ancient South Gate. Cara and Jamie are happy for the first time now that their taxi driver finally realizes they are in a race. Wonder if it was the frantic rushing around or the camera guy that gave it away? Margie and Luke end up trailing behind because their boat driver is really slow.

Jamie and Cara and Kesha and Jen are the first to encounter the detour. In choreography, teams must learn a dance and perform it for judges. In calligraphy, teams must learn a series of Chinese characters and have it approved by an artist to get to the next location. The only team that opts for the dancing is Cara and Jamie.


Again, Kesha and Jen and Margie and Luke encounter each other at the calligraphy station. Tammy and Victor are at a slight advantage, having gone through Chinese schooling. At each station, the other teams just keep following them to the next spot, since no one else has a clue where they have to go. Meanwhile, Cara and Jamie can’t seem to get the dance correct so they can move on, and they start to get frustrated with the language again.

Tammy and Victor are the first to complete the detour and they receive a picture of Banyan Lake, their next pit stop. It’s basically a footrace at this point, and Kesha and Jen, Tammy and Victor, and Margie and Luke all arrive at the same time, however Jen and Kesha are first by a hair. They win a trip to Barbados. More drama starts at the pit stop, when Kesha and Jen and Margie and Luke start to explain their sides of the stories. Margie freaks out when she thinks they are laughing at her son when he is signing. They try to say that they weren’t laughing at him, but they don’t believe them.

Finally, Cara and Jamie realize that they weren’t progressing because they would stop the routine after one try, rather than continue til the music ended. Eventually, they get approved and arrive as team number four to the pitstop. Mark and Michael are the last to arrive and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.


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