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Celebrity Apprentice: Charity Jewelry Auction!

April 19, 2009 08:03 PM by Candace Young


On NBC this week, Celebrity Apprentice picks up in the middle of the jewelry auction for charity challenge that the teams began organizing last week. At the end of the previous episode, Donald Trump surprised viewers by calling in Piers Morgan, a previous winner of Celebrity Apprentice, to help watch over Joan Rivers and Annie Duke, who are both acting as project managers for their respective teams, and who have a burgeoning rivalry!

Ivanka takes Piers to meet KOTU in their ‘war room’. He was expecting to find a hive of activity, but only saw Herschel and Clint chatting up possible jewelry models! They leave and go over to Athena’s headquarters, where Brande tells him that he was her favorite on Celebrity Apprentice last year! Melissa ridicules Brande’s flirting. After Piers leaves, Melissa gets on the phone in an effort to raise more money – Brande thinks it is because Piers mentioned that money is the bottom line.

Over at KOTU, Annie takes a call from a friend who lets her know that Natalie has been given access to some of her poker acquaintances in an effort to raise funds against her. Annie calls the guy giving out the information and reads him the riot act! Everyone is amazed at her venom. Melissa says if Annie would have thought of the idea it would have been brilliant – but since someone else did – she went berserk! Melissa is also sore at Annie because she isn’t acknowledging any of her work efforts.

The charity auction begins with Athena. Annie is the auctioneer and introduces her friends as they bid. When they bring out the last piece of jewelry, with Brande modeling it, Stewie, Brande’s wealthy friend who promised up to a billion dollars, bids and wins! Next, it is KOTU’s turn to hold their auction on Celebrity Apprentice. Clint Black is the auctioneer. He asks for bidding to start at $20,000 for the first rings – the house is silent, and Clint doesn’t know what to do! Joan Rivers is backstage saying she’s just dying! The next item comes out and the results are just as dismal – it sells for only $12, 000 to the solitary bidder! A black onyx ring finally picks up some good bids as Joan Rivers steps in to help Clint, and after that the team rallies!


In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, Donald Trump asks Annie who chose the jewelry – she says Melissa did – and did an excellent job! When asked who the weakest link on the team is, Annie says that Jesse and Melissa brought in the least amount of money. Piers queries Jesse as to why he didn’t use his wife’s movie contacts to raise money – Jesse says he doesn’t mix business and pleasure.

When the spotlight turns to KOTU, Ivanka mentions that the jewelry chosen wasn’t great – it was embarrassing for her to have no one bidding on some of the pieces. Piers agrees that they turned the auction into a farce. Joan is given heat for not getting more wealthy friends to come out to the auction. Melissa defends her mother. Donald asks for Annie’s take on things, which causes Joan to go ballistic and accuse Annie of trashing Brande behind her back, and then being two-faced about it! Joan tells Annie that her ego is way beyond where she actually is!

As the feud continues between Annie and Joan, Joan likens Annie to Hitler! Annie points out that everyone she called came out to help her – they must like her. Joan asks Natalie to tell what happened the day before. She describes how she called one of Annie’s poker competitors to bid against her and Annie went ballistic on the telephone. Melissa backs up her mother, and Piers points out to her that she is going against her own team! Melissa says she respects Annie’s game-playing abilities. The results are read and Annie and her team, Athena, are the Celebrity Apprentice winners, raising over $150,000 in their auction. Refugees International is Annie’s charity which will receive the benefit of the funds.

Alone in the boardroom now, the members of KOTU tell Donald Trump that the jewelry choices may have contributed to their loss on Celebrity Apprentice. Joan cries as she contemplates bringing someone back into the boardroom with her to face elimination. Ivanka chuckles at the idea that Joan is crying over the possibility of losing Clint! Joan mentions that she would like Herschel to marry Melissa before the show is over – he’s so sweet. Donald points out that Clint wasn’t very good at auctioneering, and that Natalie didn’t bring in any money. In the end, Donald says that Natalie picked the jewelry and was ineffective at fundraising – she’s fired!


As the remaining KOTU team members return to meet Athena in the suite, Melissa intercepts Joan in the hallway and asks her not to make the situation with Annie any worse! When Joan enters, Annie says she’s giving the money to the Hitler fund! Joan tells her to relax, and Annie responds by telling Joan not to talk to her!

After Annie has delivered her big Celebrity Apprentice check to her charity, the remaining competitors meet in Donald Trump’s own dining room at Trump Towers. He tells them that Schwann’s Frozen Foods needs them to come up with a new frozen entrÃe as well as the accompanying marketing materials. Donald says they’ll go to Fresco by Scotto to have the food taste-tested, and the winning team will get $20,000 for their charity.

KOTU, which is now Herschel, Joan, and Clint, meets with the Schwann’s executives, who say they want something unique – rather than a redo of something they already make. Athena is also trying to figure out an entrÃe – Annie suggests turkey meatballs, which the rest of the team isn’t sold on. Jesse James, as project manager, notes that Annie seems set on doing what she wants, and he plans on keeping the drama to a minimum. He keeps Melissa with him, and sends Brande with Annie to do the cooking!

KOTU has decided to do an entrÃe using a skinless chicken breast based on Herschel’s research, and Clint supplies one of his wife’s recipes – soy ginger chicken. Ivanka drops in and remarks that her father would never eat it – but she would! Over at Athena, Melissa is trying to get some direction from Jesse about the marketing material, but is getting frustrated. Joe Kernen stops in to see what they’re doing just as Annie arrives with the ingredients – he is concerned the food might taste like crap! In the kitchen, Annie is getting on Brande’s nerves as she brags endlessly about her abilities! Over in the KOTU kitchen, Clint and Hersc

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