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Rock Of Love: Mindy’s Thoughts On Bret Michaels

April 19, 2009 04:21 PM by Britteny Elrick


Recently in an interview with VH1, Mindy spilled her thoughts about being dumped by Bret Michaels on the finale of Rock Of Love. Find out if Mindy is still in love with Bret, and what she had to say about the other girls!

First, they asked Mindy about her image, which obviously didn’t fit in with most of the girls. Mindy said, “I think I’m the person people can identify with the most because even though cameras were rolling, they did not stop my meltdowns and emotional moments. When I was upset about something, everybody knew it. I’m glad I didn’t go on there and pretend I was something that I’m not. In the real world, people have bad days. If you went on Rock of Love and you’d been there six weeks, do you think you’d be hunky dory every single moment? No! You’ve got days that aren’t great and then you’ve got people that you’re questioning every single minute.”

When asked if she was heartbroken by Bret’s choice, Mindy replied, “Of course. I had a complete breakdown in the bathroom of the resort we were in. It was the first time I had been really by myself. I was standing against the wall. I realized it was totally quiet and I was by myself and it just hit me. I slid down the wall and just sat there with my head between my knees and just cried and cried and cried. It was sad.”

She goes on to say that she still thinks about Bret every day. Then they asked the question we’ve all been wondering about her relationship with Taya and their falling out. She said, “I was honest about my questions with her. I was just trying to level with her: ‘Here’s what others are seeing. I want you to understand.’ I thought that because we were friends, maybe she’d under stand it coming from me. But she was not open to it, not willing to accept imperfections. ‘I don’t have insecurities.’ Everyone has insecurities. That’s just unrealistic unless you’re a robot. How can you be in a committed, loving relationship and not admit your faults? It’s part of what makes a relationship great.”

You can read the full article at VH1.com.

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