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American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Talks About Joining Idol

April 20, 2009 03:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


So how does Kara DioGuardi feel about joining American Idol as the fourth judge this season? Recently, Kara and fellow judgePaula Abdulhave gotten some flack lately for rambling on, which resulted in a lot of people missing Adam Lambertoutstanding performance of Mad World. Find out Kara’s response to that and more…

Kara admits that she was a bit overwhelmed and not prepared for what a huge deal Idol is. In an Associated Press interview, Kara explained, “It’s not an easy job, I mean, there was nothing wrong with that panel. It wasn’t like I had to fix something. It was great. So to come in and kind of be part of it was really tricky.” So I look at it sometimes and I think, `All right, maybe I could have done this better or that better,’ but I’m literally just trying not to” act like “a bumbling moron because I’m so, you know, nervous at times,” she adds.

So what about the producers only allowing two of the judges to comment on each performance now? Kara joked, “Of course, we’re going to have time issues â⬔ you added a fourth judge! What did you think? I was going to just sit there and, you know, like do a grading system on my hands? Which probably I would mess up because you know how my remedial math is.”

The American Idolexecutives have said that they are not considering doing away with the fourth judge, but they aretrying to create a way of letting the judges know how long they have spokenso they won’t keep going over the time limit. Kara has tried to tone down her comments in the past couple weeks and adds, “I noticed that my hands go all over the place, and sometimes I look like I’m a gesticulating fool. You know, it’s very Italian.”

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