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American Idol: David Archuleta Performs On Double Elimination Night

April 22, 2009 03:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on the conclusion of American Idoldisco week, two contestants will be leaving the showas a result of the judgesusing their save onMatt Giraud last week.Also,last season’sIdol runner-up David Archuleta will visiting for a live performance! So is Matt at risk for elimination again tonight?

Last night, the contestants hadthe tough challengeof trying to put a current, fresh spinon popular disco songs. A few of the contestants, such as Adam Lambert,and Kris Allen, whose songs didn’t even resemble the originals. They both got rave reviews from the judges and chances are that they can rest easy tonight. Allisa Iraheta also did well, although I wasn’t crazy about her song choice.

Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai were middle of the road. Anoop had some pitch problems but did a solid performance, however, Simon hated the song and the arrangement. I think he spoke for the majority of America as well. Danny has a great voice, which no one can deny, but it seems like he just doesn’t pick songs that connect with the audience. In my opinion, he isn’t living up to his potential.

For what seems like the hundredth week in a row, Lil Rounds did not impress the judges with her song choice or artistry. She sounded karaoke and didn’t change up the song to their liking. Although she has some great pipes, everyone might be sick of the excuses by now. Lastly, Matt did a mildly changed version of Stayin Alive, a very fitting choice for him this week. All the judges except Simon thought that he did alright… but was it enough?

My prediction is that Lil Rounds will go home for sure. As far as the second one, it’s a toss up between Matt and Anoop, both of which have been bringing mediocre performances. Be sure to tune in tonight to see David Archuleta’s performance and to find out which two Idols will be going home!

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